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In order to cherish the perfect hand-made, Grand Seiko (Grand Seiko) will raise the basic elements of watchmaking to an artistic level.

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    Review Grand Seiko Spring Drive Diver SBGA229

    Grand Seiko’s SBGA229 diver’s watch combines traditional mechanical watch making techniques with electronic timing accuracy. The Spring Drive technology developed by Seiko makes this possible, and the result is an authentic diving watch with a unique inner life. In this feature in the WatchTime archive and Olaf Köster’s original photos, we will thoroughly do it once. Grand Seiko stands at the forefront of the Japanese watchmaking industry. A unique Spring Drive technology is considered to be the best product Seiko has ever produced. Therefore, it makes sense for this kind of innovation to join the Grand Seiko series, which originated in the 1960s and whose form follows function. The combination…

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    The perfect Grand Seiko two watch series

    “Spring” SBGA413: The next development The beauty of Grand Seiko continues to come from its unwavering dedication to absorb its own design language. Tanaka defines superb design grammar as an art form deeply rooted in Japanese influence and culture. The Seiko Hotel draws unique inspiration from the natural elements of its hometown. This resulted in “snowflakes” and “peacocks”, but so far, no design is bolder than the “Four Seasons” and “Spring” SBGA413. Grand Seiko SBGA413 has largely achieved a breakthrough in 62GS technology and a bold and different way of design. It is powered by Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive (9R65), this movement apologizes completely while fusing tradition and technology, which…

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    A week on the wrist Grand Seiko SBGK005

    An eccentric watch exudes style and connotation. I feel tired easily in my work. I watch every day, every day, trying to find the most interesting and compelling examples to share with you. This is a great show, don’t get me wrong, but it will cause some fatigue. It seems useless to distinguish a perfect round gold dress watch from another watch, and it is only 40mm to 42mm in black diameter, and the ceramic bezel chronograph can be used by one person. So, as you might imagine, I will be very excited when I see something striking that looks really new. On the spec sheet, Grand Seiko SBGK005 may…

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    The Art of Grand Seiko Elegance Collection

    Some brands do not seem to receive the due public respect. Maybe this is not a big problem. In a sense, it may be a good thing for those of us who are “spirits of insight” to have a secret industry enclave to bargain. Maybe it’s right, those of us who work hard to discover these hidden gems should share wealth in our own private circles rather than among others. However, I always recall that all this is unfair. I personally think that a luxury watch brand that should not be loved is Seiko. The latest version of the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection is unlikely to change this macroscopically, but…

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    Grand Seiko’Soko’ SBGA427 and SBGA429 watches expand the U.S. exclusive Four Seasons series

    As a supplement to three quarters of the “Seasons” watch that was exclusively available in the United States last year, Grand Seiko has just launched two new Spring Drive watches with a fall theme. I’m a big fan of the SBGA413 “Spring” watch (I own) last year, and I’m happy to see Seiko remake these reproducible series, making a total of 24 pieces, because Japan divides the season into six each sekki. These two Soko special edition watches feature green color, inspired by the Arashiyama bamboo forest in Kyoto. Both are made of a 39mm stainless steel case with a vertical brushed dial. SBGA427 has a light silver dial with…