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The U-Boat watch is as bold, aggressive and oversized as its original watch of the same name.

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    U-BOAT CAPSOIL DARKMOON – Return of the poor?

    The U-Boat Capsoil series was officially released in November 2018. They just released the second iteration of this concept called Darkmoon. This new series adopts a more concise approach and lower entry price, but looking at it, we can’t help thinking of other oily timepieces-because in the watch industry, there is nothing new under the sun or under the moon (watch brands like the moon, especially It’s the dark side for some reason). U-Boat’s new oil-filled Darkmoon watch is easier to obtain. “CAPSOIL goes beyond the boundaries of traditional design, combining innovative functions with retro-style lines. The oily liquid flows into the dial, making it an absolute dark black, surprisingly…

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    Best U-Boat ​​watch

    U-Boat U-42 ​​watch U-Boat U-42 ​​watch series adopt the brand’s most unique and boldest works. U-Boat U-42 ​​Unicum was designed by Italo Fontana himself and made of lightweight titanium with an IP black coating. It is one of its most eye-catching designs. This bold instrument is completely handmade and processed by Italian craftsmen to ensure that each limited edition piece is one of them, and the skull decorated on the naturally old bronze dial deliberately shows the rebellious nature of the brand. In order to obtain a more classic aesthetic effect, the U-Boat U-42 ​​GMT wholesale watch replica displays a clean dial with excellent functions, including hours, minutes, seconds, 24-hour…

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    U-BOAT CHIMERA DAY-DATE watch review

    The U-boat Chimera Day-Calendar is the first watch by an innovative brand that represents the date and day of the week on both sides of its dial. The masterpiece has a diameter of 46mm, which is available in any style of sharp stainless steel or naturally aged bronze for various styles. The bezel and the back cover of the case are secured by external pipes and custom keys that are waterproof. The bronze case uses a gorgeous chocolate brown laser cut dial, which is applied to the surface finely by hand brushing technology. The perfect platform for semi-bronze, semi-brown strong hour and minute hands, and ultra-fine bronze second hands. The…