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Porsche Design proposes a revolutionary custom watch concept, allowing Porsche and watch enthusiasts to design their own chronographs to suit their preferences for the first time.

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    Porsche Design Integral Actuators

    Angus Davies (ANGUS DAVIES) personally experienced the MONOBLOC actuator designed by Porsche, this is a chronograph with unusual rocker operation stopwatch function. Most chronograph designs are similar, and many chronograph buttons are located above and below the crown on the right side of the case. However, Porsche Design Monobloc actuators are different. A part of the right-hand side of the case turns around the crown. The upper part of the “integral actuator” starts and stops the chronograph, while the lower part resets the stopwatch function. Porsche Design replica has discovered the weakness of traditional putters, namely that they are susceptible to shock and impact. Integral actuator devices mitigate such risks…