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Corum Replica is a leader in producing bold and innovative watches with reliable automatic movements.

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    Corum Golden Bridge Round 43 Art Deco

    Corum has just launched two limited edition Golden Bridge watches, combining the iconic French elongated movement with 16 cables similar to a suspension bridge. The brand’s Golden Bridge series was first introduced in 1980, but it wasn’t until 2016 that vertical movement and architectural themes were used for round cases. The prototype of the linear movement first appeared in 1977. This series has always used watches as a “display cabinet” for the movement, rather than simply filling it with containers. Let’s take a look at these new architectural watches. The latest work is called Corum Golden Bridge Art Deco Round 43. It is inspired by the world’s largest suspension bridge,…

  • replica Corum watches

    Corum Golden Bridge Black Ceramic

    Corum is launching a modern version of its iconic Golden Bridge model. Now, the famous Corum Golden Bridge is made of black ceramic. The black ceramic of Corum Golden Bridge is a modern and refined interpretation of the revolutionary unique Golden Bridge model. Its unique feature is that its four sapphire faces allow unrestricted viewing of the linear movement, which seems to be suspended in the air. The new all-ceramic black case is made by injecting crystals into the mold under a pressure of about 980 bar. The material is fired at 160 ° C until it shrinks to a final size of 34 x 51 mm. The case is…

  • replica Corum watches

    Corum Golden Bridge Titane DLC watch

    At first glance, the fake Corum Golden Bridge Titane DLC may be difficult to move your ideas around. This is the evolution of the “linear” movement of the Corum Golden Bridge, which first appeared in a more traditional round case, where we saw hands-on operation. Both sides of the movement have “pillars” similar to suspension bridges, and a rich black DLC coating is used on the titanium case. Going to quote the Golden Gate Bridge or Brooklyn Bridge, you can easily see the correlation in the design. This time Corum launched two versions, one is white gold (B113 / 03832) and the other is rose gold (B113 / 03831). You…