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Franck Muller is known for his amazing mechanical complexity and amazing timepiece efficiency, constantly launching elegant new watches.

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    Franck Muller Conquistador Grand Prix Tourbillon Watch

    It’s crazy, and it’s ridiculous at the same time. Franck Muller (Franck Muller) into the field of luxury sports watch aesthetics. In a way, it feels like what Audemars Piguet did with Royal Oak Offshore, only working with Franck Muller here. This is the tourbillon version of the watch, but there is also a (much cheaper) chronograph version. It comes in titanium and Egral or rose gold. The nobility in Franck Muller’s eyes was a bit strange. The prototype Franck Muller pocket watch includes a barrel-shaped (barrel-shaped) case and twisty numbers that look like something on a cartoon king card. Elegance is not a phrase used to describe most brand…

  • replica Franck Muller watches

    Franck Muller: Vanguard™Gravity

    Designed to revolutionize watchmaking design, Vanguard™ Gravity combines cutting-edge technology with unique heritage. The groundbreaking structure of the movement is to change the shape of the bridge into a concave and convex shape, providing a unique design for the watch. The main body of Vanguard™ Gravity captures the gaze through its massive mechanism, in which the bridge and pillar of the traditional tourbillon have become an oval circle with a diameter of 21.2 mm, giving the timepiece a three-dimensional appearance. The 14 mm eccentric balance wheel further highlights this unconventional tourbillon. Vanguard™ Gravity is designed with a manual mechanical movement that is entirely designed and manufactured in-house. It offers a…