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Grand Seiko Heritage Series SLGA007

Grand Seiko Heritage Collection SLGA007 celebrates the beauty of nature, this time the dial is inspired by the blue waters of Lake Suwa. However, the story did not end with the beautiful face of the model. On the contrary, this latest watch also uses a new version of the brand’s clever Spring Drive movement Calibre 9RA2. This Japanese company once again demonstrated its wisdom in pursuing continuous improvement.

As a loyal supporter of Grand Seiko and proud owner of two Spring Drive models, I have always been impressed by Japanese brand watches. The movement is well-designed, the dial is clear and easy to read, and the Zaratsu polished case gives unparalleled smoothness.

However, despite having made excellent models, the brand seems determined to take it to a higher level. For example, in 2020, the company launched the Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition SLGH002. This remarkable timepiece is made of 18-carat gold and inherits the brand’s reputation for unparalleled readability and silky smooth case surfaces. So far, Grand Seiko. But the difference between this special model and its predecessors is that it is equipped with Calibre 9SA5, a veritable “premium watch” movement.

This self-winding mechanical movement can be seen through the back cover of the exhibition, avoiding the traditional Swiss lever escapement, and instead adopts an ingenious double-pulse escapement. This type of escapement is more efficient and can reduce energy consumption. Calibre 9SA5 also includes some additional improvements, including free spring balance, upper coils and horizontal gear train (more details-read my in-depth review of SLGH002). Most notably, the finishing of the movement is far superior to the previous ones.

Now, GS has launched another exquisite work, Grand Seiko Heritage Collection SLGA007, which is a timepiece celebrating the 140th anniversary of Seiko. Similar to the brand’s iconic snowflake model, the dial has a wavy skin. In this case, the dial surface mimics the appearance of Lake Suwa, close to the company’s Shinshu watch studio. Presented in a charming blue and given a ripple texture, like other GS models, the clarity of the display is impeccable.

In order to cope with the release of this new model, Grand Seiko equipped it with a new movement, Spring Drive Calibre 9RA2. The aforementioned Calibre 9SA5 is a fully mechanical movement, and the Spring Drive system is equivalent to the engine of a hybrid car. In fact, the brand’s Spring Drive movement and mechanical movement have a lot in common, but both use electronic regulators. A significant advantage of Spring Drive is that it provides precision rarely seen in fully mechanical watches.

In addition, the new Spring Drive caliber 9RA2 can run 120 hours autonomously than me, which is significantly more impressive. It has a power reserve of 72 hours (caliber 9R65). The new movement provides excellent accuracy, which is now expressed as ± 0.5 seconds per day. The power reserve indicator has been moved from the dial to the back of the watch. Finally, the new movement uses a polished sink and blued steel screws for an outstanding appearance.

Whether you desire a mechanical watch or a Spring Drive hybrid watch, the concept of continuous improvement is clearly visible in Grand Seiko.

Press release of the brand

Hattori Kintaro founded the company in 1881 until his death at the age of 73 in 1934. With its unique design, leading manufacturing technology and exquisite processing technology, it expresses the power of his vision, not Grand Seiko.

Today, cheap Grand Seiko is powered by the new Spring Drive 5 Days Calibre 9RA2 movement to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the establishment of Kintaro. The dial of the watch is inspired by the calm waters of Lake Suwa, which is located near the Shinshu Watch Studio where watches are made.

South. The calm waters of Lake Suwa.

The patterned dial is reminiscent of the gentle sway of the surface of Lake Suwa. At any angle where the dial captures light, ripples and shallow waves will produce a pleasant sparkle. Combined with the smooth scanning movement of Spring Drive’s unique second hand, the dial captures the tranquility and seamless passage of time. The second hand and the Grand Seiko letters are in gold, echoing the gleaming dawn on the lake.

The 9RA2 movement and the beauty of Shinshu.

The watch is equipped with the new Grand Seiko Spring Drive 5 Days Calibre 9RA2, which inherits all the performance characteristics of the Spring Drive Calibre 9RA5. The new setting of the hands and the power reserve indicator moved to the back of the movement give the watch a slender and elegant feel when observing the dial and enhance the dial’s exquisite craftsmanship for Grand Seiko.

The low-key charm and beauty of the movement demonstrates the unique Japanese aesthetics that fake Grand Seiko is famous for. The delicate texture of the movement finish reflects the frost that winter brings to the Shinshu forest, where all Spring Drive watches are made. The lines of the bridge and the edges of the holes are cut with diamonds, reflecting light from all angles. The gems and the tempered blue power reserve indicator add a quiet light, which is pleasing to the eye.

Calibre 9RA2 makes the new timepiece slimmer than any other current automatic Spring Drive product. Thanks to the redesign and repositioning of the magic lever, the movement is slim. This offset magic lever is away from the center of the movement to reduce its thickness. The new setting of the hands also contributes to the slim profile of the watch.

Typical Grand Seiko

The design of this commemorative limited edition watch is faithful to the Grand Seiko style defined by the famous 44GS in 1967, but its combination of tradition and modernity perfectly expresses the quiet and strong character of Grand Seiko. Its powerful pointer and grooved prominent marks ensure perfect legibility. Zaratsu polished, distortion-free mirrors and exquisite hairline alternate, so that the case exudes a quiet and harmonious light. The case has wide lugs and a low center of gravity, ensuring that the watch can be easily and safely worn on the wrist. Fake Watches Online Sale