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“Spring” SBGA413: The next development The beauty of Grand Seiko continues to come from its unwavering dedication to absorb its own design language. Tanaka defines superb design grammar as an art form deeply rooted in Japanese influence and culture. The Seiko Hotel draws unique inspiration from the natural elements of its hometown. This resulted in “snowflakes” and “peacocks”, but so far, no design is bolder than the “Four Seasons” and “Spring” SBGA413.

Grand Seiko SBGA413 has largely achieved a breakthrough in 62GS technology and a bold and different way of design. It is powered by Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive (9R65), this movement apologizes completely while fusing tradition and technology, which other brands dare not do. But SBGA413 goes further: although the case uses a 62GS profile, the larger case (40mm), titanium and profile can hug the wrist.

The hemispherical crystal and frameless structure imitates the structure of the original 62GS, making the appearance of the dial more complete. For this, thank God. The textured dial has a subtle pink hue inspired by the short moment when a cherry blossom (cherry blossom) falls into the water, thus forming a flower raft (hanaikada). The dial is an appropriate tribute, the pink flickers back and forth in different lights, capturing the spirit of the short season-here, the next moment disappears. It is a cliché to say that this is an appropriate tribute to one of Japan’s most iconic symbols.

Its craftsmanship is pure and simple, aiming to create something that is self-referential but not exaggerated, and pays homage to Japanese traditions, while also promoting the legend of Seiko and Japan. We often think of clock and watch craftsmanship as those six-figure prices, but Seiko has proven that the application of modern technology can bring new opportunities for storytelling. If 62GS is Disneyland, then SBGA413 is Pixar: Grand Seiko (Grand Seiko) completely uses modern technology to produce novel and timeless stories.

62GS and SBGA413 are excellent watches in themselves. But when they appeared in the same series, they became more, fully representing the Grand Seiko that continued in the 1960s and 2020.

62GS shows that Seiko has defined a unique design language at its best time in the middle of this century, which runs through the brand’s genes. The movement is Grand Seiko’s first self-winding movement. It has been used repeatedly by the brand over the past ten years, and its accuracy may be the same as any mechanical replica watches online at the time.

At the same time, SBGA413 is completely modern, but still very different from Grand Seiko. Of course, it is powered by Grand Seiko’s signature technology Spring Drive. Until the last hub of the gear train, the movement is exactly the same as the traditional mechanical movement. But it cleverly uses quartz technology, which is the way Seiko can only power the electrical regulator by using a clockwork. The result is a consistent source of energy that allows the seconds hand to pass smoothly through the dial, rather than using the smaller fractional seconds hand as in traditional mechanical movements. There have been many reports about the fascinating effect of the spring drive and the smooth second hand, but nothing is more appropriate than floating gracefully on the pink fine-tuned dial of the SBGA413. For the dial, it itself is to evoke the moment the cherry blossoms fall into the water, so the second hand has the same elegant and smooth characteristics as those “flower rafts” is very suitable. Only Grand Seiko dared to create a watch that can cover the seasons of the entire country and execute the watch perfectly (by the way, they did it four times, because each American exclusive “Four Seasons” edition Have brought some changes) watches; springs just happen to be the best).

Even better, both watches are extremely valuable. Indeed, one of Seiko’s main selling points is its ability to provide value that a watch cannot provide. This is simply surprising-the fit and finish provided by Grand Seiko is at a relatively moderate price point-but its level of craftsmanship is also very low, and it is impossible to pay too much attention to Grand Seiko’s price tag. From the story to the dial and everything in between, there is nothing like SBGA413, no matter if the price is a competitive price or 10 times the spring MSRP. SBGA413 If you can find one, then it will be fine.

At the same time, Antique Grand Seiko will continue to provide a huge value proposition. Almost every piece represents the history of timepieces, technical sorcery or just some aspect of design. The price of a 62GS will not cost you thousands of dollars, although you may need to meet a Japanese dealer to get a clean example. Because of its clear lines and multi-faceted surface, polishing the 62GS case may make it lose its structural beauty.

62GS and SBGA413 are first-class best quality replica watches in themselves, but even better when they are together. If you care about Seiko’s history, technical achievements and bold design, there is no better way to explain than through these two watches. Maybe this place is not that bad after all.