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Is it a watch or modern art? We do know that the clocks of the Swiss manufacturer MB & F are among the most luxurious.

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    MBF LM FLYING T Platinum

    Red Gold and Platinum Edition This story (like many people) began with a woman. The origin of the traditional machine FlyingT is attributed to the founder Maximilian Büsser’s reflection on the important role women play in their lives. Legacy Machine FlyingT was launched in the first few months of 2019, showing a rich and complex femininity, choosing to reflect elegance and vitality-powerful toughness-beyond the soft tradition of women, just like in the watch for the XX side of the chromosome divide As usual. Driven by the energy generated by the sun-shaped rotor, a flying tourbillon protrudes cylindrically from the dial of LM FlyingT. A diamond flashes at the top of…

  • replica MB & F watches

    Independence Day: MB&F and H. Moser collaborate to obtain a pair of co-signed limited editions

    MB&F swiss founder MaxBüsser and H. Moser&Cie CEO Edouard Meylan have worked together for more than 10 years, mainly behind the scenes: Moser’s sister company Precision Engineering AG has been a spring hair supplier for MB&F. This year, these two independent brands have attracted attention along with the stunning duo of watches and clocks: both co-signed timepieces incorporate the unique elements of each other’s brands. The entire brand concept of Büsser revolves around the use of the exquisite skills of the “small partner” (“F” in MB&F). He and Meylan (Meylan) proposed a cooperation proposal on the MB&F Performance Art timepiece. It is best to use double balance springs and smoked…

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    MB & F Star Fleet Explorer

    Designed by MB & F replica and manufactured by L’Épée 1839, the trademark launched an interstellar platform clock called Starfleet Explorer. Six years after the first watch “Starfleet machine” jointly manufactured by MB & F and L’Epée 1839, a new expedition is underway. By 2020, the space station will return in a more compact size, add bright colors, and be accompanied by a space exploration fleet of three small spaceships; it correctly bears the name of Starfleet Explorer. Starfleet Explorer, designed by MB & F, is a galaxy spaceship and table clock, made by L’Epée 1839, which is the last Swiss manufacturer specializing in high-end table clocks. It not only…