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De Bethune: Innovative spirit. It took only 11 years for the two watchmaking enthusiasts to create an unquestionable history and become the world's greatest watchmaker.

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    De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheel Sapphire Tourbillon: Let the (blue) light!

    De Bethune first launched DB28 Steel Wheels in 2018. As Joshua Munchow said at the time, it represents all the excellence of the award-winning DB28, highlighting the most important components and giving them more meaning. “Great artists and designers constantly seek to distill emotions and experience into a work of art,” he wrote at the time. No matter how long we have been familiar with this brand, we never expected that De Bethune will be able to surpass itself again and again through the next watch, the next iteration, and the next change. Each. The essence of Bethune During the SIHH in January 2018, with the launch of DB28 Steel…

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    De Bethune launches DB25GMT Starry Varius

    Walk with the stars. Although the pandemic has not completely disappeared in the rearview mirror, international travel is slowly but surely recovering, so the latest news from De Bethune comes at the right time. The DB25GMT Starry Varius is an upgraded version of the dual time zone watch-smaller, thinner and lighter than the original version, and is also equipped with the brand’s iconic “Starry Night” dial. DB25GMT is more classic than the brand’s most famous model, DB28 or DW5. Nevertheless, in addition to the celestial pattern dial, it also incorporates typical De Bethune details, making it stand out among the two time watches. If money is not a problem, the…

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    De Bethune Replica watches

    Star style: Introduction De Bethune DB28XP meteorite Creative Swiss Independence Watch Manufacturer De Bethun has a new DB28XP Meteorite, which is a new DB28XP meteorite, which is a limited edition of the universe theme to explore in their time ago. As its name, the new watch uses a falling as a fall, following the footsteps of other celestial design, including De Bethune, Blue Meteorite and Dream Watch 5, including DB25 Starry Varius, DB28. The meteorite model is the first 2021 release of the second followed by the brand, two of the DB types of two gyro DB29, which caused significant attention to it reversibly flipped housing and two unique dials.…

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    Hands-on De Bethune DB28 steel wheel sapphire tourbillon

    The impressive DB28 steel wheels give life to the hypnotic translucent effect and the high-speed tourbillon. Last year, De Bethune celebrated the tenth anniversary of its flagship DB28 model and the second anniversary of the hollow DB28 steel wheels. The idea behind the first DB28 steel wheel in 2018 is to open the dial to reveal the contemporary architectural style of the movement. With the DB28 steel-wheel sapphire tourbillon unveiled during the Geneva Watch Festival in August 2020, De Bethune has created a more attractive dial appearance and combined it with higher technical complexity due to the existence of the tourbillon. The addition of translucent sapphires on the bridge not…

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    De Bethune

    De Bethune fake is a relatively new watch manufacturer located in La Chaux L’Auberson, Jura, Switzerland, next to the French border. De Bethune designs and manufactures watches in a studio style, which are almost “tailor-made” watches with the highest elegance and sophistication, and focus on the best finishes. There is no doubt that they are one of the best watches in the world today. They currently make about 200 watches a year. Almost all the movements they use are manufactured in-house. For so few watches, they have provided an impressive collection. All De Bethune watches are made of precious metal cases made of gold and platinum or extremely rare metals…

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    De Bethune DB28 steel wheel sapphire tourbillon

    Under the sign of mechanical exclusivity, Debessan proposed the “DB28 steel wheel sapphire gyroscope“. The sapphire transparency that blends with the famous DE BETHUNE TOURBILLON is integrated into the movement, which is the lightest ever. August 2020: On the occasion of the Geneva Watch Festival, De Bethune showcases the iconic DB28 steel wheel with tourbillon for the first time. The triangle bridge of the movement and the two lens barrel caps are made of sapphire crystal. The DB28 steel rim sapphire tourbillon is loyal to the genes of “Maison” located in Sainte Croix in the Swiss Jura Mountains, perfectly continuing the heritage of its predecessors: perfect balance, modern and bold…