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Grand Seiko SBGN023

A cheap Grand Seiko Shishi Ginger Lincogsge celebration The company founded 140 years. SBGN023. New sports design of Grand Seiko GMT.

Kintaro Hattori created his company in 1881 until 1934 leads his philosophy before his death. His company should be “a step forever to rest”, and there is nothing more than a compromised standard to prove his power and unremitting determination of his vision.

Today, I saw a new 9F86 Stone England Water Time Release, which added a new dimension for Grand Seiko Sports Collection. This is simple, but due to its muscle shape and sharp, Zaratsu polishing surface, it provides a powerful movement. The dial has a golden detail, which is a limited edition of the 140th anniversary of the SEIKO Foundation. The other two versions, red and blue accents have joined the main magnificent Seiko series.

A design suitable for motion and daily use.

All three new creations are a variety of quintessentially grand seiko, the highest readable highest precision and durability, satisfactory and instantaneous brightness is a magnificent Seiko Hallmark. Spinal spine sharp and crisp. The baffle is ceramic, so it is almost improving. Each detail is to improve the time-readability and the accuracy provided by the Palibre 9F86. The dual-tone dialing ring is allowed to immediately record the night and date of the GMT hand in the GMT. By using two colors of Lumibrite to ensure evening readability: hourly hand, dividers and indicators, and blue of GMT. The ceramic border allows for immediate and accurate reading of time in the GMT 24 hours format. replica men watches

Single hand is independently adjusted so that the accuracy is maintained even in the second time zone adjustment time. The date, sapphire crystals, 20 bar waters and magnetoresistivity are currently 16,000A / m, and the specifications are completed. Even with this high functionality, the diameter of the housing is also a moderate 40mm, making the watch very suitable for motion and daily use.

Blue creates a dark blue dial and a baffle to match the bright blue color of the dial.

Limited version of the case carrying 18K gold and individual serial numbers. The anti-reflective coating ensures high viscosity at any angle.

About the caliber 9f.
When creating a caliber 9f in 1993, the goal is simple but ambitious. As the quartz caliber of best Grand Seiko, it should set new durability and precise standards and allow all aesthetics of Daxing Elf. The automatic gap automatic adjustment mechanism eliminates any trembling in the second hand. Date between blinks. The double pulse control system allows minutes and second hand to extend to the right to the edge of the dial. Use aging and selected quartz crystals and heat compensates for high precision of -10 to + 10 seconds per year. Due to these unique features, Calibre 9F can lay strong claims to become the world’s highest quartz watch. Calibre 9f86 is created in 2018, in addition to the foundation features of the caliber 9F, also provides GMT functionality.

Caliber 9F86
Accuracy: ±10 seconds per year (at temperatures between 5°C and 35°C)
Instant date change
High-torque stepping motor
Protective shield construction
GMT function / Independent hour hand adjustment function

Stainless steel case and bracelet
Ceramic bezel
Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Diameter: 40.0mm Thickness: 13.1mm
Water resistance: 20 bar
Magnetic resistance: 16,000 A/m
Approximate recommended retail prices in Europe:
(SBGN019, 021) / (SBGN023)
Seiko 140th Anniversary Limited Edition (SBGN023): limited edition of 2,021