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New Seiko Prospex King Turtle and King Samurai PADI Edition

The new Seiko diver’s watch in cooperation with the famous divers’ association.

Seiko has benefited from its unshakable reputation in the field of dive watches. The brand has had a huge impact on this category, including the definition of the ISO standard. Although its watches are fairly easy to obtain, its reliability record has been proven. And this, not surprisingly, attracted the attention of the professional diving instructor association PADI, which began working with Seiko several years ago to launch an annual version based on the brand’s coolest diving watch. In 2021, the two entities re-established contact. Coincidentally, Seiko launched several new PADI watches, this time changing the style we saw in the past. This is Prospex King Turtle SRPG19K1 and King Samurai SRPG21K1.

It is worth mentioning that in the past fifty years, PADI has become the most trusted scuba diving training organization in the world. PADI has issued a staggering 24 million certifications and has done more to introduce diving to the world than any other organization. In 2016, the association began to work with Seiko to produce a dual-signature watch with a specific color scheme, reflecting the color scheme of the PADI logo. It all started with PADI Turtle SRPA21, and later more versions appeared, such as PADI Samurai SRPB99J1 or PADI Monster SRPE27K1.

What all these watches have in common is that they are based on Seiko’s most easily available Prospex model, which costs about 400-500 Euros-and they are all based on some of the most iconic models, such as turtles, samurai, monsters… In addition, self-cooperation Since the beginning, most of these PADI brand models have featured a combination of blue and red as a tribute to the PADI logo. There are some really cool things about these easy-to-use “Pepsi-like” models, but the situation at Seiko is changing, and the two new PADI models are slightly different.

First of all, the basic watch has changed. Of course, the root cause still exists, but Seiko chose to use the King model to create this 2021 series. As a reminder, the King Turtle and King Samurai launched last year are upgraded versions of Seiko’s iconic Prospex models, with upgraded specifications and materials to meet modern standards and higher customer expectations. Secondly, Seiko decided to change the design and classic color code of its previous PADI version. There are no more red and blue accents here, and 2021 PADI watches are now dominated by light blue.

However, don’t assume that the PADI connection has disappeared. In fact, if the colors are different, the textured dial with embossed patterns is actually closer to the PADI logo than before, because it uses the same striped earth effect. In terms of metal, whether it is on King Turtle SRPG19K1 or King Samurai SRPG21K1, the results are quite convincing and pleasing to the eye. I would even say that the visual effect of the turtle model is more eye-catching, and its case is more curved. As for the color accents, the light blue tone again refers to PADI as the background color of the logo. It is located on the first segment of the 60-minute scale and on the minute hand.

King Paddy Turtle SRPG19K1
The first is the SRPG19K1, which is based on the “King” version of one of Seiko’s most iconic models, the Turtle watch. Compared with the watches in the permanent collection, the evolution is only visual. All specifications are the same, including a pebble-shaped case with a brushed and polished surface, a crown at 4 o’clock, a serrated bezel with efficient grip, and 200-meter water resistance. This watch is quite large on paper, with a diameter of 45 mm, but it is more compact to wear than expected. Compared with non-King Turtle watches, it is equipped with an AR-coated sapphire crystal glass mirror and a magnifying glass with day-of-week complication, as well as ceramic bezel inserts, highlighting the very important 20-minute period in light blue.

As mentioned above, the dial has a unique embossed pattern. If the hour markers and hands are also the same, the color is different, and the minute hand is blue. All other elements are black, creating a great contrast. Inside is the ancient caliber 4R36, which means the week edition. This automatic movement with manual winding capability and stop-second function beats at a frequency of 4 Hz and stores up to 41 hours of energy.

Seiko Prospex PADI King Turtle SRPG19K1 with stainless steel bracelet, with folding clasp and diver extension.

Quick overview: 45 mm diameter x 13.2 mm height x 47.7 mm L2L-stainless steel, sapphire crystal, magnifying glass, unidirectional bezel with ceramic inserts-screw-in crown and case back-200 meters water resistance-​​Calibre 4R36, homemade, automatic, 3Hz frequency, 41 hours power reserve – HMS with week – steel bracelet with folding clasp and diver’s extension

The second watch in the 2021 PADI series, the King Samurai SRPG21K1, uses the same formula. It is based on the recently launched King Samurai model, which introduces several updates compared to the classic Samurai watch. Except for the new colors and dials, this PADI version is mechanically and technically identical. This means that the sharp and angular case explains the nickname of the watch, the crown that is classically located at 3 o’clock, and the overall more modern diving watch. Water-resistant to 200 meters, it is equipped with an AR-coated sapphire crystal mirror and a date magnifier. Its unidirectional bezel has a ceramic insert with a 60-minute scale-the first 15 minutes are light blue. The case is slightly smaller, with a diameter of 43.8 mm, which is very comfortable.

The dial retains the same earth pattern as the turtle above, and its minute hand is painted in light blue. In addition, all elements are traditional and executed in black, in sharp contrast to the sharp oversized markings. Inside is the self-produced self-winding movement 4R35, which is basically the same as the above, but only has a date function. Other specifications are the same. replica watches for sale

The Seiko Prospex PADI King Samurai SRPG21K1 is worn on a black silicone strap, which is closed by a steel pin buckle.

Quick Fact: 43.8 mm diameter x 12.8 mm height x 48.7 mm L2L – stainless steel, sapphire crystal glass with magnifying glass, unidirectional bezel with ceramic insert – screw-in crown and case back – 200 meters water resistance – ​​Calibre 4R35, self-produced, automatic, 3Hz frequency, 41 hours power reserve – HMS with date – steel bracelet with folding clasp and diver extension