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Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC

Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC All black is presented in dark hue and is fully suitable for overseas travel to provide its double display. In addition, as Angus Davies explains, it also shares many features with Porsche cars.

In 1972, a Porsche 911 in one of the most standardized cars in history has been designed. Professor Ferdinand Porsche established his same name company, Porsche design. From the beginning, this company has created a diverse product, but all of all of them are a common lofty shape.

In its history, Porsche designed is inspired in the landmarks made from Stuttgart. In 2017, the Porsche Design Group became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Porsche. The acquisition of equity coincides with the car brand announced that it hopes to “focus on male lifestyle”.

In recent years, Porsche design has issued various time measures, which have many design elements taken from Porsche. Some examples include straps made from the same leather in Panamera and vibration, similar to the appearance of the wheel of 911. In fact, Porsche can even match the color of your chosen watch with your beloved blog. The intersection of thought can be easily seen.

However, the similarity between the two companies is exceeded by Mere Mere Merehetics. Over the years, Porsche tested the prototype car under some of the worst and most extreme conditions, from South Africa to the frozen plane of Scandinavia, close to the Arctic Circle. In fact, recently launched Taycan testing and evaluated approximately 6,000,000 kilometers in 30 different national countries. This is this rigorous evaluation process, which helps to leave a well-known reliability of each car for the brand Swabian plant. Porsche 1919 cheap

Similarly, Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC All black has been heavy requirements for timing test protocols. Laboratoire Dubois’s trademark, ‘test is applied to the watch and its components’. They aim to detect any design weaknesses and ensure good product reliability before publishing. It sounds a bit familiar?

Porsche is designed in 2019 in 1919 Globetimer. The first model is provided in the selection of titanium or 18 carattin. The latter model exhibits a black dial and a leather strap, and the titanium model uses a blue, black or brown dial of the strap or bracelet. New Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC All black is proposed in a 42 mM titanium cartridge wearing a black carbide coating. The stealth tone of the housing extends to the dial and “black leather strap, manufactured by high quality Porsche car leather.”

As the name suggests that the watch is equipped with a dual-time function. The local time shows the dominant hour and minute, and the prevalent time of ‘Home’ is displayed, with a black hand as a cutting end. Where is the Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC All black is different from the GMT watches in that the local hand can be adjusted using the timer style pusher on the right side of the right. It is standard with ‘+’ and ‘-‘, and the system is very intuitive, and people think of logic found in 911 and ergonomic switching equipment. So very Porsche.

One day / night indicator is located near 9 o’clock, using white spots to indicate the daily time and black spots to represent at night. The 24-hour track is located on the flange and the pointer date indicator, pointing to the track of the central area of ​​the rotary dial.

Porsche design fake caliber 04.110 is located in the center of Porsche 1919 Globetimer UTC. This movement has a module of time zone mechanism manufactured by professional company DUBOIS-Dépraz. The watch is certified by COSC as Chronometer.

Porsche is a superior proverb. Most adults are familiar with this brand and will be easy to talk about luxury goods and performance. However, as the top 911 owner, I can prove that Porsche is far less than this. It represents the design, smile tactile disorder and the magical mix of the project. Even the air is full of seductive high quality leather fragrance. As this latest time plan indicates that these qualities can also be found on the exquisite watch of Porsche design.

Brand press release

Two years ago, Porsche design introduced 1919 Globetimer Utc, GMT watches to provide intelligent features, optimized readability, convenient, easy to operate. Whether you travel in the world, your travel takes you, simple buttons Press the button to reset 12 hours to indicate local time. It used to be provided in three different color variants, which will be provided in all black version in August. The clock has a black carbide coating and a black leather strap made of Porsche Internal leather – reduces, exercise, and Porsche design table expectations with the best readability.

The latest day and night – around the world

1919 Globetimer UTC full black not only reflects the feeling of pure sports car on the wrist – it is also ready to step on the journey of anywhere around the world. Simple and precise processing of the Porsche Double Clutch transmission, the global 24-time district can be adjusted at an incremental adjustment of 1 hour – push the table to fit, without loss of current time display – ergonomic The button is embedded in the housing. Each time this button will result in a short, local time, and the hour hand in advance clockwise. When flying, press the “+” button each time the “+” button will advance through an hour. When flying towards the West, press the “-” button to move the UTC hand in the opposite direction. Always, UTC hand automatically, stay in synchronization. In order to ensure that this happens instead of noon, you need to set the time correctly. The round window on the left side of the dial promotes this task: there is a white spot during the day during the day, while the aperture is still black at night. The Porsche design also considers the second, clearly distinguishable hour, with a unique luminescence tip. This hand becomes once every twenty-four hours, showing family time.

Every one second will pay attention to time

Perfect easy reading is another important function. To directly display the time from any perspective, the radius of the dial is designed to be as large as possible, and the titanium housing also makes rare sleeve. The balanced balanced shape has a unique brightness, which can be further enhanced by shaping the wristband. Color contrast, unique hand, index and numbers combine generous with non-sub-aerosol superior luminescent materials, so that the likelihood of misreading even under the condition of visibility. In addition, seven times the anti-reflective coating and additional hard coatings are treated to protect sapphire crystals.

The latest version of the Globetimer UTC full black in 1919 is also powered by Porsche design caliber WERK 04.110. This movement is equipped with genuine Porsche design ball, two-way winding rotor. It has established a 38-hour power reserve, balances in four Hertz teams. The front of the caliber is equipped with an innovative time zone mechanism specialized by Porsche design, and manufactured by Swiss complications professional Dubois-Dépraz. Before starting serial production, the mechanism complies with several long-term tests that comply with the strict standards of Chronofiable®. The candidate of the impact test accepts nearly 5,000 blow ports equivalent to its own weight, and each marketing must withstand at least 10,000 switching cycles – even under extreme use, it can be accommodated. In hidden in its case, each exercise must also be measured on the official Swiss electronic testing mechanism (COSC) for fifteen days. During the 15-day test, the caliber must not lose more than four, nor will it be more than six seconds. During this time, exercise is tested at five different locations and three different temperatures. 42 mm titanium tank, water resistant water resistant to 100 meters, with black carbide coating, with a completely paired black leather strap, made of high quality Porsche car leather. This combination not only ensures that the 1919 Globetimer UTC is all an indispensable travel partner, but also has a pure monochrome design.