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Porsche Design Integral Actuators

Angus Davies (ANGUS DAVIES) personally experienced the MONOBLOC actuator designed by Porsche, this is a chronograph with unusual rocker operation stopwatch function.

Most chronograph designs are similar, and many chronograph buttons are located above and below the crown on the right side of the case. However, Porsche Design Monobloc actuators are different. A part of the right-hand side of the case turns around the crown. The upper part of the “integral actuator” starts and stops the chronograph, while the lower part resets the stopwatch function.

Porsche Design replica has discovered the weakness of traditional putters, namely that they are susceptible to shock and impact. Integral actuator devices mitigate such risks and give a cleaner aesthetic.

Interestingly, each time the titanium pivot is pressed, the integrated actuator sweeps across the dial surface. The tolerance is small, but it is sufficient to ensure that the sapphire crystal is not damaged.

It is said that the watch case is sealed and protected against moisture and dirt, allowing the wearer to operate the timer underwater. This aspect of the specification has been verified with a maximum water resistance of 10 ATM (100 meters).


The matte black dial surface merges with the white dial to provide unmatched contrast, while the dual composite dial layout gives a simple, harmonious appearance. Below the noon is a 30-minute chronograph, and there is also a sub-dial below, which is a 12-hour chronograph.

The hour and minute hands are baton style, lined with white fillings and hollowed out near the fulcrum. Hands are clear and easy to read.

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The central chronograph second hand is red and has a beautiful outline, making readings past the second hand simple. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) hands have a protruding white triangular tip, so it is important to determine working hours at home. The bezel is decorated with a 24-hour scale, which increases the convenience of interpretation.copy watches online

Near 9 o’clock is an indicator that the movement is running. The calendar hole is located at 4 o’clock, and the speedometer dial is located on the dial flange, thus completing the function list.


The Monobloc actuator designed by Porsche is a sturdy timepiece with a diameter of 45.60mm and a case thickness of 15.60mm. However, despite its size on paper, it does appear much smaller when worn.

The case is made of titanium. In 1980, Porsche Design was the first company to completely use titanium to make chronographs, and now other companies also use this space-age material. Porsche Design still has a lot of expertise in this field. The lightweight material has anti-corrosion and anti-allergic properties, and the light weight of the case can bring significant comfort to the wearer.

Due to the lack of conventional buttons, fewer housing protrusions can hit the skin. The bracelet is beautifully constructed, and its narrow link surrounds the wrist comfortably. sale cheap watches

The exhibition cover with colorful sapphire crystal provides a view of the internal self-winding movement.


Porsche designed the one-piece actuator with ETA Valljoux 7754 with a two-zone mechanism. This movement is a derivative of ETA 7750. It is a movement that has been tested in practice, with reliability, ruggedness and easy maintenance.

I realized that I didn’t want to repeat myself, but ETA 7750 and so on. The fact that the movement offers a series of benefits at a competitive price is usually reflected in the final selling price of the watch.

In this case, the movement has a hollow pendulum, vibrations on the bridge and the motherboard, and a lot of blue screws. These subtle adjustments to the standard movement give the owner a sense of pleasure and highlight Porsche Design’s attention to detail.


The Monobloc actuator designed by Porsche redefines the appearance of the timer. The pusher no longer needs to protrude from the right-hand plane of the case. Porsche Design’s solution is very simple and provides a new perspective for chronograph design.

The maximum water resistance of the watch eliminates concerns about possible entry of dust or moisture.

Porsche Design has equipped Monobloc actuators with a variety of qualities. The highly clear dial is reminiscent of the dashboard instruments on the Porsche 911. Various applications of anti-reflection treatment and the flat surface of the dial glass improve the clarity of the sapphire crystal. The titanium case and bracelet are very soft against the skin, and the movement is a model of reliability and robustness.

Technical index

• Model: Porsche design integral actuator

•Case: titanium; diameter 45.5mm; height 15.6mm; sapphire crystal glass front and bottom cover; waterproof capacity up to 10 ATM (100 meters).

•Functions: hours; minutes; mechanical function display; date; chronograph speedometer

Movement: ETA Valjoux 7754; automatic winding movement; frequency 28,800 VpH (4Hz); 25 jewels; power reserve 48 hours.

• Strap: Titanium bracelet folded on the buckle