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Franck Muller Vanguard Racing V 45 SC DT watch hands-on

Franck Muller’s replica watches are rarely overlooked. No matter how you feel about it, the brand’s well-known eye-catching, curved barrel case shape needs attention. I have always regarded Franck Muller as a brand full of special niches. At least in my opinion, this is Richard Mille (Richard Mille’s) high-tech futurism’s brighter and more classic counterpart to precious metals. These are the watches for people who want to talk about their clocks. And, if you want to make sure to start a conversation, what better way than paint your watch bright green or bright yellow. This is exactly the strategy that the Franck Muller Vanguard Racing V 45 SC DT watch explores, and we will put it into practice in this article.

It has been a long time since we reviewed the time/date-only Vanguard, and the last such model (Frank Muller Vanguard Glacier watch) . So how has the series changed since then? Well, although it looks very similar to these new models, Glacier is not actually part of the Racing Collection. Given that the eye is inevitably drawn to the dial before the case, the definition that distinguishes the Racing Collection from previous Vanguard iterations may not be clear. However, differences can be found in the contours of the latter. The colorful and flared sides not only make the edges of the case more aggressive than ordinary Vanguard, but also tie the entire color scheme together. In addition, these colored flashes continue the vibrant movement on the outside of the case.

In my opinion, adding a brightly colored crown cover is a good step. I have always found that the standard Franck Muller profile (evolved from the Cintree Curvex model, the brand is probably the most famous), even if I consider that some of the newer models extend quite large in size, it cannot satisfy my taste. . In my book, the new, jagged change in the appearance of the Vanguard Racing Collection is a huge improvement.

The case is available in two materials: the stainless steel case shown in this article or the 18k rose gold case, with two dial variations. Both have the same size. The width of the case is 44 mm, the length between the lugs is 53.7 mm, and the distance from the wrist is 12.7 mm. For this unusual shape and contour watch, it is not surprising that the water resistance is only 30 meters. Although it is foreseeable, and almost no one will really wear a Vanguard racing replica watch during intense physical exercise, it always makes me a little uncomfortable when the sports watch provides such a meager moisture-proof function.

For such contemporary design, the DNA of avant-garde is definitely Art Deco. What I want to say is that the classic look of Franck Muller (which distinguishes the brand from other brands) is Art Deco design, and Steampunk is Wild West. It seems to freeze the aesthetic taste in time, while material science and technology accelerate its development.

Bold, well-fitting Arabic numerals are applied to the dial to add depth. These numbers are beautifully processed, with sharp, clean edges for die cutting, these numbers are an important part of the design. In fact, the number on the Vanguard watch has always been my favorite for family and one of my only definite favorites. As mentioned before, this situation has been bothering me before the release, but now I feel that Franck Muller has indeed found the secret of excellent range of motion, which impresses all the legibility, implicit Vigor and recognizability. I also like yellow-green. In the end, I must be a fan of Norwich City.

The Franck Muller Vanguard Racing series is powered by the FM 2800-DT movement. This is a self-winding mechanical movement with a diameter of 25.60 mm and a thickness of 3.6 mm. Each model in the series has a power reserve of 42 hours and a working speed of 28,800vph, which is the minimum requirement for a watch that is so clearly defined by its sports characteristics. The FM 2800-DT movement consists of 158 components, 21 of which are jewels, and have a 24k gold coating on all bridge engravings. In addition to exquisite functions, the movement also has a variety of different finish styles, including Côtes de Genève, round texture, diamond polishing, sun brush and 45 degree polishing, and hot blue polished screws.

It took me for a while, many opportunities personally try swiss Frank Muller watches, but I finally thought of my appeal. These two models, references. V 45 45 SC DT Racing (VE) (green) and reference. V 45 SC DT Racing (JA) (yellow) is the most exciting of the four series of four series of unveiled. Different two references – V 45 SC DT Racing (ER) (red dial of black dial) and V 45 SC DT Racing (NR) (white dial with black accent) – both from rose gold boxes.

Although the version of the white dial version with black decoration is a very handsome watch, the precious metal variant is not as comfortable as two steel modes. This is, I believe that due to the applicability of steel sports watches and the style created by the luxurious metal with such a vibrant avant-garde design, it is not coordinated.

For brand fans, the FRANCK MULLER VANGUARD RACING series provides pleasant development for those who have been persistent, and for those who have already enamel, maybe a reason to finally buy brands.