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Time Creates Sophisticated Beauty | Jacob & Co. Brilliant Ladies Watch

Sparkling, dazzling, charming, these beautiful words are not enough to explain the Jacob & Co. Brilliant series of women’s watches.

Tailored for the modern woman
The magnificent and stylish Brilliant collection combines fine jewelry and fine watchmaking craftsmanship, specially created for women, to give life’s most important moments of radiance.

For a long time, women’s mechanical watches have been designed as extensions of men’s watches. To this end, Jacob & Co. Jake Bao decided to develop the Brilliant series of watches to provide more choices for women who both like watchmaking and pursue exquisite wrist accessories.

The Brilliant series of watches has many styles and is set with precious stones, and integrates traditional watchmaking skeleton technology, all of which are elegant and distinctive. Jacob & Co. Jake & Co. wants women to feel independent and decisive when wearing a watch set with beautiful gems.

High Jewelry Setting Process
As a successful jeweler, Jacob&Co. has a high-quality supply of rare gemstones, and is also good at showing the beauty of these watches through the right size and color.

After the design of the watch and the color of the gemstones are determined, the designers of Jacob & Co. carefully select high-quality gemstones according to the required size and color. Depending on the color scheme, just collecting gems can take a year or more.

Touch and feel the exquisite gemstones on the Jacob & Co. Brilliant series watches, which have different touch, luster and quality brought by various setting techniques.

In addition to the astonishing 288 faceted Jackpot-style patented cutting process, as an outstanding representative of jewelry setting craftsmanship, Jacob&Co. Jackpot’s gemstone experts are well versed in invisible setting, clip setting, six-prong setting, stack setting and many other special mosaic technique.

Traditional watchmaking skeleton process
Hollowing out is a time-honored watchmaking tradition. For decades, the master watchmakers at Jacob & Co. have been studying the design of skeletonized movements, how to cut the material just right to make the movement almost transparent, without compromising performance, precision and robustness.

Brilliant series
Northern Lights Northern Lights Watch
The Jacob & Co. Jack & Co. Brilliant Collection Northern Lights watch adds a splendid color to the watch movement that combines high jewelry and high watchmaking craftsmanship. The carefully crafted skeleton movement is clearly visible through the coloured mineral glass beneath the anti-reflective sapphire*.

The 18K white gold case of the Jacob & Co. Brilliant Northern Lights watch is set with sparkling white diamonds, providing a dazzling casing for this nearly transparent movement that is the epitome of fine watchmaking. At a glance, it is colorful and fascinating.

Brilliant series
Art Deco Skeleton Art Pink Sapphire* Watch
Jacob&Co. Jackpot Brilliant series Art Deco hollow art pink sapphire * watch, using selected high-quality gemstones, so that the color and shape match to the greatest extent. This delicate and complex art demonstrates the exquisite craftsmanship of Jacob & Co. Jack & Bao, and also demonstrates the excellent experience and technology of this independent watchmaking brand.

245 invisible inlaid pink sapphires and a rose-cut pink sapphire embellish it, showing Jacob&Co. Jack & Co.’s ingenious and professional design and craftsmanship in the two fields of high-end jewelry and high-end watches.

The skeletonized movement of this dazzling watch is visible through the sapphire* main plate and bridges. As always, Jacob & Co. has stripped down unnecessary metal components. The Art Deco design embellished with delicate pink sapphires further embodies Jacob & Co.’s “challenging the impossible” spirit.

A gift that expresses love and respect
The Jacob&Co. Jackpot Brillian series watch is a gift that exceeds expectations. Pay tribute to the distinguished lady, let her feel this sincere love at the moment of stroking the time on her wrist.

Choice and customization
Whether it’s a simple quartz copy watch or a gem-set mechanical watch, the Jacob&Co. Brilliant collection is elegant and chic. In addition to the choice of many styles, you can also choose diamonds and colored gemstones to customize your exclusive watch.