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HYT Collection H1 Colorblock: Primary Colors

HYT’s rapid growth is well worth reading, with primary colors depicting how emotionally charged the brand’s first three years in the industry were, as if inspired by a painter’s palette. wholesale replica watches

The peculiar approach of contemporary art uses blue, red and yellow – colors that refer to the palettes of Kandinsky, Mondrian and even Miro. These painters are known for their interpretation of human emotion through the use of dynamism and power that only primary colors can unabashedly convey: Kandinsky’s colorful projections, Mondrian’s geometric shapes and Miro’s italic arabesques.

The art of showing time in different ways
Speaking of art, three years ago, the young HYT fake in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) decided to revolutionize the way time is displayed, fixing the front hands and numerals on a rotating disc and placing colored liquids in the ducts.

HYT H1 colorblock blue
Such a major innovation – thanks to their expertise in avant-garde technology – allowed the traditional watchmakers of the young brand to successfully master the hydraulic control of the product, even though it used to show the time in the form of a water clock. In the past, quite a few mechanical movements have also been damaged, causing some sensitive parts to rust beyond repair. When the first HYT H1 was released, many called the combination “unnatural”, but it was immediately acclaimed by the Grand Prix de la Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG).

ahead of time
Futuristic, unbalanced but still somewhat part of steampunk circles, the presentation of the first H1 watch was retrograde in a sense, as it was inspired by a water clock. However, this ode to the past remains very small, as the brand’s expertise in fluids makes its watchmaking team experts in new technologies in space research and the latest advances in medicine.

HYT H1 Colorblock Red
HYT laid the foundations for a modern approach to haute horlogerie, and today the young brand headed by Grégory Dourde definitely belongs to this movement. This has been official since June 2016, as highlighted by the Haute Horlogerie Foundation in a report detailing the last year’s watchmaking process by a select group of 46 professional watchmakers from around the world. Answers given in a survey.

colorful collection
HYT is undoubtedly part of an emerging generation that promotes fine watchmaking through the use of ultra-modern artistic methods. To emphasize that it’s just an up-and-coming brand, Hoytong chose to use three primary colors to illustrate its three years of existence. In a way, it provides a reference to the passage of time. However, this dance of bright colors has led people to believe that these watches – whose movements can display the passage of time through fluids – give a unique color to watchmaking, which is sometimes too ingrained in tradition.

HYT H1 Wrist Colorblock Yellow
So, as a somewhat iconoclastic brand, the brand has developed a three-piece collection featuring three vibrant colours – blue, red and yellow – in a limited edition of 10 each. By doing so, the brand is announcing its intention to bring color to a habit that is sometimes too uniform.

basic blue
The first H1 patch was made in electric blue. It’s a cool color that reminds us of ice and the harsh sky of summer. An undeniably visually powerful reference plays in the confrontation between cold and heat to stimulate the senses of those who would wear it on their wrist. Currently on sale (or soon to be delivered from early October 2016), this wonderful piece shows time thanks to a liquid as black as squid ink. In stark contrast, this blue watch has a deep anthracite PVD-coated titanium case that complements the “foil-gilding of the rifle barrel”. Powered by an incredible hand-wound mechanical movement atop two reservoirs, this watch deserves attention as it has been designed, developed and assembled in-house.

HYT H1 Colorblock Red
original red
Aggressive and powerful (as Vincent Perriard, co-founder of HYT SA and now head of Preciflex, says), the new H1 watch features a red flange and an ultra-sturdy fabric strap designed specifically for the collection. This underscores the strength it takes to launch a watch that only a few watchmakers believe in, as the challenges seem absolutely impossible to meet. Therefore, it is undeniable that red is the color of fire, power and energy. This will undoubtedly spark the interest of a new generation of enthusiasts in a brand that chooses to design time displays in a creative but fundamental way.

yellow, the color of the sun
Of the three pieces, the yellow H1 colorblock is probably the most vibrant, as HYT CEO Gregory Dourde said. Vibrant, radiant and warm, its colors have a rather sunny side. It contrasts with the “rifle barrel style” anthracite PVD coated titanium casing and the black liquid in the technical glass conduit. Since this reference is supposed to show the time in complete darkness, the team of engineers laid a layer of luminescent material (Super Luminova®) under the hour tube that could read the time by extrapolation.

It doesn’t matter, however, as these watches are undoubtedly meant to be seen and focused so they can be admired and thus gain a reputation. In fact, only three years after its founding, the brand has made a small revolution in functionality, time display and rapid growth with plans to open some of its own points of sale around the world. Ambition and ingenuity are values ​​that cannot be underestimated. They often enable rapid progress and success, as it has been colorfully proven here! Popular cheap watches