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Rado’s new Captain Cook high-tech ceramic watch

Speaking of ceramics, it depends on you. Tasting Rado’s new Captain Cook high-tech ceramic watch

In the field of watches, ceramic is an innovative technology material, thanks to the material’s gloss, high hardness, no rust, discoloration, no staining, affinity for the skin, and a series of characteristics such as lightness of the material. In the last century, ceramics, which were only used in medicine or aviation, suddenly became the new favorite of watchmaking. When it comes to ceramics, the first reaction of most watch friends is Rado, known as the master of material. In April this year, Rado just launched the new Captain Cook series of high-tech ceramic watches, watch model: R32128202.

Captain Cook made his first appearance at the 17th Basel High Jewelry and Watch Fair. It is mainly in retro style. It is inspired by the diving watch launched by the brand in 1962. At that time, the series belonged to the Haoxing series of Radar, and then the brand In 19 years, Captain Cook was transferred to the heritage series, and some more modern designs were incorporated into the watch models to make the body shape more smooth. However, in this series of watches, there were only traditional steel and bronze watches with a more retro texture. In the early days, one or two pieces of titanium and hardened titanium watches were occasionally seen, but the radar has never been the best. Ceramics are integrated into it.

This new Captain Cook uses plasma high-tech ceramics to make the case, with a diameter of 43 mm, a thickness of 14.9 mm, and a total weight of 157 grams. This plasma ceramic is not the same as ordinary ceramics. It is made by radar in a special high-temperature furnace. When the gas is activated at high temperature, it can transform the formed white high-tech ceramics into a special shiny mysterious metallic luster. Ceramics have not added any metal components during the firing process. I got started with this watch during the filming process. At that time, I hesitated for a while and wondered how the radar made a titanium watch again.

The case is equipped with a hardened stainless steel rotating bezel, embedded with polished blue high-tech ceramics, and the screw-in crown on the side is also made of hardened stainless steel. The top is engraved with the anchor logo and the whole body has anti-skid pits. , There is no crown guard, and the overall waterproof performance is 300 meters. The rotating feel of the bezel is tight, while the crown is a little too tight. With the pit pattern, it may make people feel a little clumsy.

This series of ceramic Captain Cook and the radar adopt a light black sapphire glass transparent plate design, which allows the wearer to directly appreciate the movement while ensuring clear reading. The rhodium-colored swingable anchor logo at 12 o’clock, and The rhythm of the balance wheel of the movement mirrors each other, and the delicate fish scales on the plywood are also clearly visible.

The rhodium-colored hands and hour markers of the watch are coated with a white SuperLumiNova® luminous coating, which turns into blue luminous under a dimly lit background. The picture above shows the real-time luminous effect of the watch. The overall luminous effect is quite pleasing.

The titanium back of the watch uses a transparent design, and like the front, it uses a light black sapphire glass. Below is the CHEAP Rado R734 hollow automatic mechanical movement equipped with the radar for the watch. The oscillating weight is decorated with Geneva columnar patterns. , The test standard of the movement has been raised from 3 to 5 directions, and the accuracy is greatly improved. The NivachronTM anti-magnetic hairspring is equipped to protect the timepiece from the influence of magnetic fields and further meet the various needs of daily wear. After the chain is fully wound It can also provide a power reserve of 80 hours, reaching the level of a weekend watch.

The bracelet is also made of plasma high-tech ceramics, the outer links are matte, the central links are polished, and it is equipped with a titanium triple-folding clasp. At the same time, combined with a titanium buckle, you can see that this special ceramic is more close to the titanium metal.

This plasma high-tech ceramic Captain Cook starts with the appearance, because thanks to the metallic luster of this special ceramic, the watch is very textured, and the hollow plate is also made very well, light black sapphire glass Using it, it won’t let people go over the pointer scale to stare at the movement at first glance, and the performance is also OK. 80 hours of dynamic storage plus excellent anti-magnetic, anti-magnetic movement is also in the era of all electrification, it is a watch Friends care more and more. But the problem with the fake watches for sale is the case size, which is slightly larger with 43 mm plus the thickness.