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Breitling mechanical chronograph PK Zenith CHRONOMASTER SPORT

If there is any new chronograph hotter this year, it is the Zenith CHRONOMASTER SPORT and Breitling super mechanical chronograph. As the leader of the same level of chronographs, these two watches are very similar in terms of brand positioning, appearance design, and functions, and there are many remarkable points. I believe that many watch friends will unanimously put them on the candidate list.

There are many similarities in the appearance of the two watches. First of all, the design is sporty, and the dials are designed with black and white elements with extremely strong color contrast, which are commonly known as “panda discs” and “anti-color panda discs.” This popular element not only caters to the trend but also greatly improves the recognition of the watch. In addition, they all use black ceramic bezels and stainless steel straps.

On the hands, both watches use bar-shaped needles. The bar-shaped needles have sharp edges and corners, which also gives the hands a wider luminous display area, making time reading clearer and faster. Zenith placed the Roman numeral chronograph scale on the bezel, which reserved more display space for the dial. Breitling integrates the digital scale into the dial, further highlighting the texture of the ceramic outer ring. Both design styles have their own merits, which one do you prefer?

Let’s take a look at the details of the dial again. The end of the chronograph second hand is embellished with red. The bright red color can easily distinguish the position of the chronograph second hand, which is convenient for quick reading. The chronograph second dial is decorated with a record pattern to make the dial more layered. At the same time, it also injects a touch of vitality into the watch with black and white as the main color, which is undoubtedly the finishing touch on the design.

The outer ring of the watch uses ceramic rings as the material. Compared with the aluminum rings and acrylic rings used in traditional watches, the ceramic rings have the advantages of brighter color and corrosion resistance. The current technology has gradually matured and stabilized and is widely used in various types. High-end watches. The CHRONOMASTER SPORT ceramic ring has a rounded shape, and the black polished effect is more refined. The Breitling super mechanical chronograph uses inverted trapezoidal embedded numerals on the 15, 30, and 45 scale circles, and the 12 o’clock direction is the night pearl design. The addition of these designs makes the watch more detailed.

In the design of the strap, the Breitling super mechanical chronograph is unique and uses a very retro-style strap. This strap uses a popular design from the 1980s. This re-enactment is actually a tribute to the classics. CHRONOMASTER SPORT adopts a comfortable one-piece stainless steel bracelet design, and the three-stage design is more exquisite.

Speaking of the uniqueness of the CHRONOMASTER SPORT watch, I have to mention the 1/10 second precise timing function. Thanks to the Zenith El Primero 3600 movement, extremely accurate timing display can be achieved. The movement is decorated with brushed patterns, especially the hollow star-shaped automatic rotor and the blue column wheel are beautifully made. Zenith has always been known for its high-frequency movements. This new upgraded version of the El Primero movement has a frequency of up to 5 Hz, 36,000 beats per hour, and a power reserve of 60 hours, which greatly improves the practicability. .

In contrast, Breitling’s B01 movement is not inferior at all. The B01 has been widely used in Breitling’s major series before, and it can be said that it has withstood time and experience. The movement adopts a two-way winding design, a ball bearing autopilot, and a single barrel provides a power reserve of about 70 hours. The use of column wheel and vertical clutch design has the advantages of reducing wear and reducing the shaking of the hands when the timing function is activated. At the same time, shock absorbers are also used on the escape wheel to improve shock resistance. It is one of Breitling’s main movements in recent years.

The most impressive thing about Breitling’s super mechanical chronograph is the UTC sub-dial on the strap. It is more like a “sub-disk” driven by a quartz movement. It can not only be used as a time comparison display between two places , It can also be used to “emergency” check the time and calibrate when the power of the main dial is insufficient. The unique design makes this watch very unique.

The 41 mm diameter of CHRONOMASTER SPORT is moderate, which caters to the mainstream aesthetic size. The 44 mm diameter of the Breitling Super Mechanical Chronograph is undoubtedly exposed, making the watch more recognizable. But on the other hand, the huge diameter of the fake watches form china is not friendly enough to wear for friends with thinner wrists. Whether you can accept a larger diameter depends on your personal wearing preferences.