Urwerk UR-220 SL Asimov

Urwerk’s latest explanation Urwerk night, shining hour transport vehicle from super Luminova.

Last year, Urwerk’s most symbolic watch, UR-210, BID Adieu. Fortunately, the URWERK fan is not mourning before the next-generation UR-220 Falcon project in September 2020. The marker feature of the UR-210 retained in Dearly, which has been proven to be a carbon shell and new manual winding movement of fashion and slim vessels. Although some functions are abandoned, the UR-220 re-involves the signature of the early URWERK model. In a heavier titanium and steel all black version, it re-examined after a month, Urwerk showed its third UR-220 in the full carbon invisible model, with enough shiny to light the most dark night: Introduce UR-200 SL Asimov.

Brief background
Urwerk is known for its tabular methods. Watch looking at Urwerk means out all concepts of traditional tabular. From futuristic cases to display time, designers Martinfri and Master Watches Phillix Baumgatna believes that they must be another way of rendering, since 1995, they have started their 21st century. Table Odyssey.

The already existing UR-201 is a monochrome favorite, which is the true outline of the true production method of Urwerk. The brand’s satellite time is displayed in the flash of lightning, and the UR-210 is also equipped with a winding efficiency meter to calculate the generated energy and energy. In 2020, Urwerk launched a UR-220. Although the initial symbolic performance sees the landmark UR-210 model of the rest, the UR-220 is a winner. Although some functions, such as careful cases and sapphire crystals, rotary satellite complications and roaming times and retrogractive minutes are similar to the previous model, many things have changed – in order to better.

For beginners, the case of UR-220 is made of 81-layer compressed CTP carbon. Ultra-elastic carbon fibers make the watch very light and comfortable. The rotating concentric pattern of carbon highlights the dynamic contour of the housing. Another feature of the UR-220 is the newly designed power reserve indicator, which is distributed across two sub-dials in the left upper corner and right hand angle.

In order to reduce the height of the case, FREI and BAUMGARTNER decide to use a new manual winding and discard the winding efficiency regulator. However, in the past explosion, they also decided to retrieve oil change indicators, despite different guise.

UR-220 SL Asimov
The SL suffix refers to the superluminova, asimov refers to the SCI-Fi writer ISAAC Asimov, which is referenced from the night coming (1941) to capture the light and dark polarity of the luxury watch. As with the first UR-220 Falcon project, the latest explanation is a case where the black DLC treatment with the black carbon shell (43.8 mm diameter x 53.6 mm length and 14.8 mm) is used. Its complex shape, the middle of the hollow region of the housing and the hidden Urwerk in the 12 o’clock in the middle of the housing are stairs and closer to the black carbon shell.

However, things have been different, at night. The time indicated on three rotary cubes is not limited by the luminescent material, such as in the past, but is made of a luminescent material, accurate super Luminova X1 BL. In the past, a cube is created on the CNC machine of Urwerk; the rotary cube on the UR-220 SLASIMOV is molded by the superluminova. Technical expertise is developed by experts from RC Tritec, phosphor pigments in Switzerland. RC Tritec is applied to the surface, but has developed a method of creating an accurate luminescent 3D casting in any desired shape. Having a higher luminescent concentration, the parts are stored during the day during the day and have a stronger, longer lifting.

The UR-220 still relies on roaming time and retrograde minutes displayed on three rotating pyramids, which flew back to zero position within seconds. As mentioned above, the power supply is indicated on two separate meters, and the three lines are picked up in white smoke blowing blue light. The right side is the first in the wind that indicates the busbar. Once it reaches the maximum “red” level, the left indicator is occupied. Separating power reserves is a complex task that requires 83 mechanical components.

The oil-filled scale found on the UR-110 and UR-203 will be reproduced and placed on two adjacent rollers on the bucket. To trigger the device, the wearer removed the protection pin (you can use the grenade’s thing!), Then press the next push machine that shows the active run time in months. After 39 months (3 years and 3 months), the watch has been prepared, and the Urwerk resets the counter to zero and replace the PIN.

Due to the merger of the new manual winding diameter UR7.20, the housing height of the UR-220 is lowered. The UR-220 thickness is 14.8 mm compared to 17.8 mm height of the automatic winding UR-201. Developed by Urwerk, 59 jewels, 4Hz frequencies, can store up to 48 hours of power reserves.

Detaching from the ordinary black rubber box with black DLC coated buckle completed packaging.

Technical Specifications – Urwerk UR-220 SLAIMOV

Case: 43.8mm Width x 53.6mm Length x 14.8mm Height – Carbon CTP (Type Waters), 81 Floor – Sapphire Crystal – Capsule Titanium – Coated Titanium – Waterproof to 30 M

Dial: Satellite complications Super Luminova-level x1 BL made of stroll time and 3D retrograde minute – Double power storage indicator – the voltage indicator on the two rollers Display the accumulated runtime exercise within a few months

Sports: Call UR-7.20 – Handmade Wound – 59 Jewelry – 48H Power Reserve – 28,800 Vibration / Hours – Swiss Leverage Escape

Belt: From ordinary rubber, refer to “Kiska” with black DLC buckle – magic stickers fastening