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Use ceramics to play color new royal oak offshore automatic upper chain timeline table In July last year, Switzerland Senior Tabo Brand Audemars Piguet launched three new royal oak offshore automatic upper chain time code table, the offshore watch is 44 mm size, using black high-tech ceramics production The case, the case also passes through a large brushed process. Smoked blue and smoked green tables are all equipped with dial-like ceramic laps, buttons and crown, with titanium metal button bridge.

The series has a highlight of the use of ceramic housings, but also its brand new disk design, smoked blue dial is engraved with an alone, “Mega Tapisserie” super grid decoration, new modeling Arabic digital and mosaic time standard Completely complement. On the special smoked effect, it is a vertical two galvanized silver coupons and black small seconds, which forms a stark contrast on the dial, which has a small magnifying glass with a small magnifier.

The new offshore timeline watch is equipped with the Calibre 3126/3840 self-production movement. This is the crystallization of the traditional technology and senior teaching expertise. This automatic upper chain opener consists of 365 components, and the power storage is reached. 50 hours. The table is equipped with a dial-like rubber strap, which uses a unique texture design to form a knitted road, echoing a vibrant modern lifestyle, and once again interpret what is a modern luxury watch.

The one is hard to find, not just because it is cool.

This year, the new table has a lot of fire. I have written when I have just released in April, and the full range has a highlight. But let me know the most impressive, I have received a lot of readers, and they did not hesitate to order new ceramic timings CODE.

This should be the fastest market response since Code 11.59 – 2019 is born as a new series, everyone is watching; last year’s gradient plate reputation is good, but some people think about three thinking; this year, many people are blind, because Full of confidence.

Of course, there is also a detail worth mentioning. Code was recognized in the look, but the new timeline of the equipped was used in the first time this year, some people suddenly realized.

Ok, everything is not too late.

Let’s take a look at Code 11.59 how this year is rapidly captured.

Both of these models are timecased, divided into 18k Platinum and 18K rose gold, all smoked deep gray light paint dials, using vertical satin grinding. This eye seems to be a routine color.

The old man is talking about it, embedded in an octagonal design in the circular case, and is destined to have a common meter.

Because it originally designed with a classic three-piece case: the lap, the case middleware and the bottom of the surface, so the side can easily see the characteristics – such as last year AP played a very good two-color design, and this year new The mystery is also here.

We use 18K rose gold as an example, and the middle layer of octagon is black ceramics.

The combination of ceramics and AP can make many people lit.

Ceramic housings are made of love and Bangerter. Bange is a Swiss family company, specializing in preparing precision components with advanced ceramics, tungsten carbide and other superhard materials

In fact, this series has just been listed, I have exhausted “picking”, I have to take it – whether it is the 24K pure gold made on the dial, or the polishing of the grip shell, is not a picture can be displayed. Fine.

Its original strap is a black coating strap, adding a rubber coating on the small kraft lining surface

Ceramic components during the sintering process will shrink about 25%, so how big it is, I am not fine. In short, when we see the physical object, the texture it shows, it proves everything.

And my black gold coat is really perfect

The table said for a long time, or you should look at the style of the table – Although Code 11.59 is equipped with the Calibre 4401 movement made since 2019, it seems that everyone is attracted to the shape of the new time. .

It is still 22K Rose Grankery, plus “Japanese tile”, “Brushed grinding and” pearl circle “and other hand-ranging, the details of the naked eye will not have to go

It is important that the Calibre 4401 movement has a one-piece guide wheel and a flying feature, and the timing can be restarted without pressing the stop and zero button.

However, maybe because the new movement is accompanying Code 11.59, there is no more touch, so we may wish to see the next new table, maybe suddenly realize.

This second new table is the Royal Oak Automatic Loop Time Code Table, Model 26239, which is equipped with Calibre 4401 Moves – is also the first time of the Royal Oak Series for the first time.

It is a 18K rose gold case, divided into two kinds of blue dishes and brown dishes, and straps are also two types of belts and metal sheets, respectively.

The dial is also classic design, such as “Grande Tapisserie” large grit pattern, with fluorescent coated rose gold stereo time standard and royal oak pointer.

More intuitively, it is a new image of 26331, but still maintains 41 mm diameter. If it is just a rough look, many people may not see too much, but change the movement is the maximum change.

In fact, the dial is also designed, such as 26239’s date disk location is closer to the inner lap.

More pronounced, love each other’s positional skewers and 12-hour timing side panel (compared to 26331), more eye-catching effects.

The biggest change is naturally in the back, after all, this is the first time for the Royal Oak Series Automatic Chain Time Code Table.

Through the bottom of the sapphire crystal glass, the movement parts are clear, including the guide post wheel and timing zero hammer

I remember that I just released the readers who bought steel models 26331 to tell me that this is his next goal: “Although this is also repeatedly purchased, but who can resist the new movement and bottom design! Do not pay always regret “

Why do I love Pei will make a decision design in the Royal Oak Time Code in Royal Oak Movies.

Compared to 2385 automatic upper chain timing core (26.2 mm diameter) used in 26331, Calibre 4401 movement (32 mm diameter) is more suitable for 41 mm cases – layout harmonious ornamental.

Finally, the most practical is performance improvement – the new movement has 70 hours of power storage time.

For the other of the past, this silently developed new movements will never only seek simple revealing.

Many people say: “I bought a table or a picture, the movement is almost the same.”

But I still have to say that I have learned from the readers who have purchased the Code 11.59 in these years, the new movement is very stable, the word of mouth is excellent – the high performance of this can refuse?

After the new movement appears, from the Code 11.59 to the Royal Oak, we guess, maybe in the near future, it will also appear in the offshore timing of Erbia (now use the 3120 movement of the installed timing module) .

The most intuitive difference, because the 3120 movement of the installation timing module, the module is in front of the movement, which is not seen, and the playability is naturally the Calibre 4401 movement is more winning.

Although the consumers who love each other have been unsuitable in these years, consumers who come to Mole are not so ideas, but this does not hinder their self-improvement.

This is a head brand that is cultivated and vision. discount replica watches