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How to make a 32-gram automatic watch: RM 67-02 Richard Mille seeks to let some of his favorite sports men and women wear his watches during exercise. This always follows two basic principles: 1) The timepiece must be able to withstand harsh conditions and Maintain its timing integrity during sports; 2) The watch must not cause discomfort to the athlete at any point in time, thereby becoming an obstacle.

Richard Mille has continuously broken the boundaries for more than 16 years and has accumulated a strong watchmaking technology, which is the embodiment of the first principle. This makes the birth of watches possible, such as the recent RM 27-03, which can withstand 10,000 Gs and weighs 34 grams.

But the greatest of these feats may be today’s RM 50-03, which managed to fit a complete two-second chronograph into a watch that weighs only 40 grams but can still withstand 5,000 Gs.

There is another watch in the series of watches made by Richard Mille for his athlete friends, which claims to have a shock resistance of up to 5,000 Gs. This is RM 27-01. This is an extraordinary watch. Its movement is made of titanium and lithium alloy. It is not only a feather-light movement, but also an extremely strong watch that can run without a doubt. Dahl is responsible for handling the business tennis courts. The most shocking thing is that the entire movement of the watch is fixed in place with four braided steel cables, and its bottom plate is fixed to the case. With all these unstable and bold engineering, the watch can still resist about 5,000 Gs. What is the weight of RM 27-01?

The RM 27-01 is currently the lightest watch in Richard Mille’s arsenal, weighing an unfathomable 18.83 grams.

It seems that there is a pattern we must appreciate. Richard Mille’s most extreme watches also happen to be some of his-and the world’s lightest mechanical watches.

This is where the second principle appears, that is, the wear resistance of the watch under extreme conditions; it is not allowed to become an obstacle of any kind, for athletes who intend to wear it in competitions. Here, the lightness of the watch may be a huge boon, because if it is so light that you can forget that you are wearing it, then there is nothing to complain about.

Of course, if you only focus on lightness and therefore look for light and thin materials, Richard Mille will eventually compromise on the first principle; a big deal, no. How does Richard Mille strike a balance between these two principles? Let us discuss this by considering the latest product of the Richard Mille extreme sports watch, which exemplifies this concisely: RM 67-02 automatic Wayde Van Niekerk – Sprint and RM 67-02 automatic Mutaz Essa Barshim – high jump, this Two completely different watches, the same RM 67-02.

The case of the RM 67-02 is made of a proprietary carbon-based material called Quartz TPT®, which is composed of 600 layers of parallel filaments obtained by separating silica threads. The thickness of these layers does not exceed 45 microns, and is saturated in colored resin according to the needs of the relevant watch. Then use an automatic positioning system to process between the layers. The system changes the direction of the fibers between each layer by 45° to build a solid piece that can be processed.

The watch case is made of carbon TPT®, using the same process as Quartz TPT®, except that carbon wire is used instead of the aforementioned silica wire.

Once the components of the three-part case are completed in their original form, the painstaking milling process can begin to carve out the parts that will eventually form the Richard Mille case.

As we all know, quartz TPT® is used in high-performance applications due to its high temperature resistance, strength and inertness to electromagnetic effects. When converted into a watch case, it can withstand the harshest impacts and impacts-it is said-unscathed. The best part is that the material has an amazing strength-to-weight ratio, which basically means that it is both light and strong. Therefore, the weight of the quartz TPT® case is almost zero. best quality replica watches

The movement built for the RM 67-02 was named CRMA7 and was Richard Mille’s seventh internally developed movement. It is mainly made of grade 5 titanium and has been extensively hollowed out to reduce weight. The rotor of this automatic movement is made of quartz TPT®, and platinum is used only for counterweights; again, heavy masses are added only when necessary.

But this is not simply abandoning materials and only using lightweight space-age materials to achieve the cool factor. The focus here is Richard Mille’s first principle, that the watch and its movement must be able to maintain its timing integrity under intense usage scenarios.

Therefore, the CRMA7 is not simply designed to eliminate any avoidable weight, but doing so will result in a movement that is significantly stronger than an automatic movement with only average time.

Although most people may not care too much, Richard Mille—because he lets athletes wear his watch during competitions—makes every part of the watch, including the strap, simple and comfortable enough to wear for a long time. competition.

This started with the development of a special rubber band for Felipe Massa, which can provide sufficient airflow when worn on a hot track. Later, Nadal’s RM 027 received a double-covered Velcro® strap, which soon became the flagship product in many of Richard Mille’s sports performance watches.

Richard Mille’s watch band technology is the next step forward. At first glance, it is almost like a simple hair band modified on the lugs of the watch, allowing people to simply slide the watch. Over the wrist. The idea is really simple. But, of course, knowing that this is Richard Mille, the elastic material used is not just what you buy in general stores.

It is very simply named the Richard Mille Comfort strap. The material used to make it is made of a specially formulated braid, which ensures elasticity and safety when worn on the wrist. Its functional form eliminates the need for buckles, thereby increasing comfort.

What does all this add up? Well, because of the foresight of the case, movement and strap structure, Richard Mille can boast that the RM 67-02 is his lightest automatic watch to date, weighing 32 grams.