Greubel Forsey replica watches

Greulbel Forsay: GMT Sport Titan

Greulbel Forsay replica is now equipped with a metal bracelet. His GMT movement. With new baffles, house metal titanium, color blue, new ornaments and titanium bracelets, it is only 33 interest collectors.

From the start of its launch, Greubel Forsey offers GMT and baffles that do not provide traditional Maison’s basic value of traditional engraving. The new file is full, that is, the opening of the dial is even greater.

On the other hand, the lines of the border are polished, gently rounded and used light – refinered by hand, just like all parts of Greulbel Forsey copy watch.

This new refinement highlights the elliptical profile of the baffle, which is slightly bent at twelve, six o’clock to adapt to the curved curve. The full-internal design and design of this model bracelet design are integrated into the housing of the GMT movement and continue the elliptical profile of the outer casing and the baffle.

The titanium-type 5 housing is 42 to 45 mm, which can waterproof to ten rods corresponding to the pressure of 100 m depth. The raised work consists of 453 components. It has 63 storage stones, 21,600 semi-vibration clocks per hour, raised 72 hours with gear autonomous. fake luxury quartz watches