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Reference 6119G / 6119R Calatrava “Clous de Paris”

referee. 6119R Calatrava “Clous de Paris” and silver grained dial

Although beside the 5236’s technical genius, this watch may be easily overlooked, but in my opinion, this is one of the most important watches launched by Patek Philippe. why? Since the manually wound Calatrava short second watch style represents Patek Philippe’s dream for many people and generations, this has always been the way to enter the brand. This was definitely the case when my grandfather bought Reference 96 for each of his sons, and this is the case now. Therefore, this watch needs to meet all our lofty expectations of it.

Well, the new reference numbers 6119G and 6119R proved to be affirmative. Even though replica Patek is committed to making simple watches, it is also sensitive to details and beautiful in design. The current movement innovation is awesome, which makes Patek Philippe ) Be unique.

referee. 6119G Calatrava (Calatrava) “Clous de Paris”, with charcoal gray dial. The 6119’s bezel is decorated with nail patterns, so it is dubbed “Clous de Paris”.

These two new watches are named after “Clous de Paris” because their bezels are decorated with the famous ho engraved nail pattern, which first appeared on Calatrava in 1934 as 96D (d stands for decoratif). From a design point of view, this new 39mm watch can ensure that everything is in order.

The minute track is correct in bold. The sharp multi-faceted truncheon marks are combined with small application points to create an energetic sense of energy on the dial. The swordsman also resonates with the same energy. The dial has a vertical brushing function, while the second dial uses a circular guilloche pattern. Especially the platinum version, with a gray dial and a white dial, is one of the cutest time watches I have ever seen.

However, turn the Fake Watches Online Sale over and revel in the brand new 30-255 PS movement, which replaced the 215-255 PS movement. The previous manual winding movement was only 21.5 mm in diameter, so it could not accommodate larger and more modern watches. Therefore, Thierry Stern asked his team to make a larger movement, but it is important that the thickness of the movement should be the same as that of the original movement, 2.55 mm, to keep the wrist The watch is slim and elegant. The goal is a 65-hour power reserve.

Philippe Barat said: “In fact, we only need one barrel to achieve this goal. We added a second barrel only because there is too much space in the new movement. Then we decided Don’t let the barrels run in series to expand the power reserve, but let them run in parallel to provide amazing torque for the entire 65 hours. We increased the moment of inertia of the balance from 5.5 to 10 mg/cm2, which means the movement is absolute It’s a tractor.” It may be a tractor, but the movement is also equipped with some of the most beautifully designed bridges that I am proud of. They are refreshing, modern, exciting, and express all the exquisite craftsmanship of Patek Philippe.

The new 31mm caliber 30-255 PS, replacing the previous manual winding movement 215-255 PS, is only 21.5mm in diameter, so it cannot accommodate larger and more modern watches.

Technical specifications
Movement: 30-255 PS caliber; manual winding; small seconds; diameter: 31mm; height: 2.55mm; number of parts: 164; frequency: 28,800 half oscillations/hour (4 Hz); power reserve: 65 hours minimum

Case and dial: white gold or rose gold; bezel decorated with nail patterns; diameter: 39mm; height: 8.1mm; water resistance 30m; sapphire crystal back cover; • 6119G-001 dial: charcoal gray, vertical satin coating ; 6119R-001 dial: silver particles; faceted gold hour markers; white gold or rose gold faceted diamond hands

Strap: Alligator with square scales, bright black or bright chocolate brown; prong buckle

Reference 4947/1A calendar, moon phase

Patek Philippe Ref. 4947/1A annual calendar, 38mm stainless steel case and moon phase in bracelet.

Okay, this watch may just be a starter of new products, because the reason for its unicorn status is very strong. In today’s watch industry, the annual calendar has become a complicated matter. However, this complication should not be forgotten, similar to a perpetual calendar, except that you need to manually adjust the watch on the first day of March, which was invented by Philippe Stern in 1996.

Therefore, this complication is one of Patek Philippe’s most iconic events. This is where cheap Patek Philippe first conducted silicon experiments, and it has been reflected in all shades of gold and platinum. But until now, the steel case has never offered such a case. Number 4947/1A is a watch and GOOD GOD, it is worth seeing. Its 38mm case is equipped with an integrated 5-chain steel bracelet, which is rare in Patek Philippe and guarantees any complications that can be collected in the future. The blue dial is designed to evoke the style of Shandong silk, while the dial uses stunning white gold hour markers. It is driven by the caliber 324 QA LU. In a word, this is glorious.

Technical specifications
Movement: 324 S QA LU movement; automatic winding; annual calendar; day and month by hand; date in the hole; moon phase; sweep second diameter: 30 mm; height: 5.32 mm; number of parts: 328; winding rotor : 21K gold central rotor; frequency: 28,800 half-oscillations/hour (4 Hz); power reserve: minimum and maximum 35 hours and 45 hours

Case: stainless steel; diameter: 38 mm; height: 11 mm; water resistance 30 m; sapphire crystal case back; blue, vertical and horizontal satin decoration (“Shandong” finish), golden numerals; white gold leaf-shaped hands, with Luminous coating

Bracelet: steel; folding clasp