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What watches are Rafael Nadal?

Rafael Nadal is one of the most important tennis players in the world. Since he became a professional player since he became a professional player, he won 18 grand champions. These include the 12th French Open, which makes it a record of the “King of Clay”. He also won one of the only two male players in all four major and Olympic gold medals. As of 2019, he ranked second in the world in men playing tennis competitions in the tennis professionals association. Nadal’s excellent performance in tennis has caused countless brands. His sponsorship agreement includes Nike, Tommy Hilfi, Kia and Planner Richard Miller.

What watches do Rafael Nadal?
Richard Mille has established partnerships with Nadal in 2010. When the season, the star worked on the court, and the first appearance in the French Open. The brand specifically designed the model for Nadal, limited to 50 pieces. It has a lightweight carbon fiber composite case and a flexible polycarbonate strap. However, the real magic is in motion. RM 027 Touring is made of titanium alloy and a unique alloy called LITAL. Both components have contributed to the lightweight structure of the record. It is incredible that the price of the table is shocking: $ 525,000. Since then, Nadal and Richard Mille have been shocked by their technological innovation and unusual design.

In the second year, the two launched another product: RM035. It has a unique wine barrel case, a symbol of Richard Mille brand. This time, they made a model with another ultra-lightweight material (magnesium and aluminum alloy). RM 035 also has a skeleton case, showing manual upper-chain header Rmul1 with Chronofiable certification. Although the first cooperation with the two is also impressive.

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year 2013
In 2013, Nadal and Richard Mille launched the second generation of popular RM 027, once again enhanced bets. I don’t know why, they make this watch more lightweight than the original, more impressive. RM 27-01 uses a new system that can withstand up to 5000 GS. In addition to the technological capabilities of the enhanced model, RM 27-01 also introduces a range of new style options.

Year 2014
One year later, the two launched the second edition of RM035. They quickly named a new generation of RM 35-01. However, it is a big trim to the original version. It is most worth noting that it does not have a Tettisheal feature. Instead, the manual upper chain RMUL3 movement is a only time consuming basic movement, with 55 hours of power storage.
In 2015, Rafael Nadal and Richard Mille reused the headlines again in the next generation of its original model. RM 27-02 shows new design elements, such as red soil straps to commemorate the “King of Clay”. However, the model has also introduced new features. RM 27-02 introduced a skeleton substrate called “integrated” for the first time. This idea is to integrate the strap and the bottom plate. The result is a greater impact resistance. In the same year, the two group expanded the RM 035 series, launched a limited edition specifically for the US market.

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Richard Mille has launched RM 35-02 watches to Nadal in 2016 to expand its own series. The maximum update of this model comes from a new internal movement. The first time in the work of the couple is equipped with an automatic upper quartz movement. In addition, the model also uses a new color scheme with bright red case and a contrasting yellow tape.

Richard Mille and Rafael Nadal continued to develop its first series in 2017 and released RM 27-03. The third generation will become more bold, technology is more advanced. It has launched a new movement that can now withstand the impact of up to 10,000 Gs, which is the first time in the industry. It also has a yellow and red color scheme similar to RM 35-02. However, this time it has a yellow strap and a unique yellow and red wavy pattern on the housing. This design makes people the Spanish flag of the player’s hometown.