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Hands-on: Versace Medusa Stud Icon ladies watch

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Versace copy, through its long-term design and manufacturing partner Timex Group, has been producing watches for some time. In the pantheon of “fashion watches”, where is Versace compared to many fashion house competitors who have their own watches? The famous Italian fashion manufacturer run by the founder’s sister (Donatella), was murdered in Miami, Florida a few years ago, and has always been accompanied by its unique aesthetics, which often revolves around the theme of Medusa in ancient mythology. Today, I take a look at the Versace ladies watch, numbered VRF000818 Versace Medusa Stud Icon.

I think many people don’t know much about fashion watches, and this is the person who designed them. There may be a feeling that the fashion house itself designs and produces watches, or they design and then produce watches by external suppliers. In this case, none of this is correct. Organizations such as Timex and Fossil (and Movado) have achieved great success in history, signing contracts with fashion brands to handle the entire watch design and production. In most cases, all a fashion house needs to do is receive, market and sell products. Take the Michael Kors watch as an example. This particular model performs very well against the Fossil Group, a competitor of the Timex Group.


But I think it took Timex to design and produce Versace replica watches for Versace longer than Fossil’s relationship with Michael Kors. Versace and Salvatore Ferragamo may represent the current top-end names for Timex’s fashion-oriented products, but their relationship with global fashion brands is getting deeper and deeper. And it’s local. I think the most telling part of the Versace watch story may be that Timex’s design headquarters is not located in Connecticut, where Timex’s headquarters are located, but across the pond in Milan, Italy.

When building relationships between fashion brands that do business with Milan, Timex offers some benefits in Milan. First, it can work closely with the team in product design and concept, and second, it allows Timex to benefit from the design and marketing talents that exist in the city. If Timex or any other organization related to this wants to design marketable fashion watches, does it not have to at least ensure that the products it manufactures logically fit its story and the website will own the brand of the brand? To achieve the ideal price point, this challenge is very difficult. This is because when customers look at products such as this Versace Medusa Stud Icon ladies watch, they must feel that it is both an excellent watch and a logically attractive Versace product.

The name of the Versace ladies watch is a bit interesting to me because it literally means. In other ways, the “Stud Icon” watch may sound like something worn by men rather than women. This term is actually a comment on how the watch significantly embodies Versace’s iconic Medusa motif, in the form of an image on a stud that runs through the fashion label. You really need to know this, and you also need to know the many other Versace watches with the Versace highlighted Medusa stud icon, without any of these terms in the name. If it is up to me to decide, I will conduct a focused group test on these names. At least in the process of matching the design of the watch with the fashion brand, all the hard work was done correctly.

Visually speaking, this concept works in this timepiece. I like this ladies watch because it is both a decorative bracelet and a watch. The round dial and round “stud” links form the main components of the watch. Below it is a more traditional watch bracelet, which is mainly used to ensure comfort and make sure that the size of the bracelet fits someone’s wrist. What I like in general is that by using relatively few shapes and themes, the repetition of these shapes makes it possible to make wearable devices that are practical, fun, and stylish.

Versace currently (through Timex Group) produces four versions of Medusa Stud Icon. Model VERF00818 uses polished steel and IP gold-plated golden tones (in fact, Versace calls this color “champagne”). This is the only two-color version of the cheap watch Online, because the other models are all in gold tones with matching gold or black dials, and models in full rose gold tones. The case is 28 mm wide (water-resistant to 50 meters), and the dial adopts a Swiss-made quartz movement (Lambda 751 movement), which is powerful and simple. Above the dial is a sapphire crystal.

The hands and four-hour markers have a neat texture (small repeated letters Vs), which actually increases the contrast value, making them more legible and legible. I actually hope to see more men’s watches using this technology to enhance the visual effects and the readability of the clock. Female wearers who model the watch really like the overall comfort and style of the watch. Personality and its visual uniqueness (and comfort) are all bonus factors. Her only drawback is the lack of extra hour markers, which will make reading time more straightforward. I disagree, these are some of the considerations of “style over substance” that often appear in watch design.

What’s interesting about these fashionable watches when they go on the market is that no matter how much time or details are invested, when talking about these advantages, the brand itself is actually telling the story. product. There may be less than 100 words in total on the Versace website trying to explain this watch, why Versace even owns a watch or anything that can help convince customers. Of course, Versace and most Italian fashion brands also do their best to explain their other products. That is to say, in today’s world, we find the story and substance of selling watches time and time again, not just the appearance or brand associations.

I like to write articles about women’s replica watches that I personally like to read. I don’t care which brand or price point they come from, although the price points that are easier for me are more interesting because I like the idea that many people can wear or enjoy the product. Women rarely buy watches for reasons similar to men, so the stories and concepts surrounding them need to be different. Unlike men, women tend to respond well to watches as well as watches immediately. In this case, you need to merge three things together. First of all, Medusa Stud Icon is a reliable timepiece. Secondly, it is designed as an attractive jewelry style bracelet. The third is the fact that it is a member of the Versace product line.