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Buy Patek Philippe Ref.1463 Fake Watch

Buy Patek Philippe Ref.1463 Fake Watch

Case: Yellow gold
Case diameter : 35 mm
Dial: Silver
Movement: Manual winding
Glass: Sapphire crystal
STRAP: Leather
FUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes, Seconds

Well, first let us determine the general category in the dial with reference number 1463.

In examining the differences that distinguish the muscle and athletic reference 1463 from its delicate brother, let’s start with the back of the watch. Here, you will see the extremely important screw-in case back, which makes the watch waterproof. It is worth noting that 1463 is Patek Philippe’s only antique chronograph with this highly practical function.

Let us study what it means to be waterproof in the context of this era. Does this mean you can dive deep with the use of the watch? Absolutely not. But, can you wear your watch to dive at will in the pool or the sea? Yes, this is the point. A rich person can similarly ignore the process of jumping into the water spontaneously when he jumps into the bed of the tempter he wants. One of Gianni Agnelli’s favorite ways to reach the Cap-Eden-Rock Hotel is to hover the helicopter over the beach so he can jump in and swim to the shore. Like many of his friends, how would you feel if you were invited to accompany him, but you have to refuse to say: “You know, my watch is not waterproof.”

Until now, complicated watches have come with back covers. However, even if the task performed by the watch case is as mediocre as washing your hands thoroughly, or is caught in a downpour, a snap-back watch can allow water to enter the watch. Indeed, I always thought that Tasti Tondi and my all-time favorite Patek Philippe copy watch, the unique 1592 waterproof steel perpetual calendar steel pointer calendar with luminous dial and hands made for the Indian Maharaja in the 1904 Favorite Patek Philippe watch concept. .

I think the owner is a supreme person. He hopes to be able to swim or maintain the practicality of the watch during important cultural and architectural activities, such as jumping into a fountain, wearing a custom evening dress and drinking a special glass of champagne. Therefore, Tasti Tondi’s case is made by Geneva watchmaker Taubert Frères, who pays special attention to tolerances to ensure the water resistance of the watch.

This must be the revelation of Patek Philippe in the early 1940s, because the Stern family discovered a new group of gentleman adventurers, they may set out to explore the Machu Picchu ruins in a moment, or fly over the intercontinental residence like their own airplane A young Howard Hughes or Charles Lindbergh. For these people, the chronograph is their iconic timepiece, as well as a decorative gem and an invaluable treasure. “We must create a young, modern, sturdy, waterproof chronograph, which is the symbol of this new world of adventure”-you can almost imagine Charles Stern declared to his son Henry. When I looked at Patek Philippe 1463, I saw a nostalgic watch, full of the fullest commitment to life.

So, to put it simply, the 1463 is a chronograph with a large 35mm case and a screw-in back. The crown is too large and tilted. The legendary fabulous pusher is huge, the stem is thick and has a unique dome hat, in terms of its transcendence, only the architectural masterpiece of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia can be compared with it. These hats are decorated with modern and aggressive sunlight carvings, radiating from the center point. The frame is thicker than the frame of reference number 130 and easier to step on. However, as a symbol of the transformation of the entire culture towards the future, the meaning of the watch is much more than that. The word I associate with Tasti Tondi is humility, because it is a timepiece, synonymous with playboy and adventurer, in this era, people think that their lives are unlimited. The owners of the 1463s were athletes, sailors, divers, skiers and athletes without exception. They lived the most fulfilling lives. For me, this is what makes Tasti Tondi so cool.

Model 1436 and 1563-minute seconds chronograph

Alex’s thoughts – 1436
Patek Philippe’s perpetual calendar chronographs (such as numbers 1518 and 2499) are among the top models that participated in placing Patek Philippe in the temple of watches, and the second hand 1436 remains the most complicated watch produced by the famous Geneva brand in decades.

Thanks to its extra hands, the second hand that looks like a regular chronograph is classified as an exclusive stopwatch category. Both watchmakers and connoisseurs agree with the fact that due to close tolerances, this chronograph is one of the most complicated mechanical watches.

Patek Philippe (Ref. 1436) is the first split-second chronograph launched by Patek Philippe in 1938. Its case/dial design is the same as that of ref 130. Despite 33 years of astonishing production, the watch was discontinued in 1971. So far, only 140 examples have been known, among which are mainly gold watch cases, 19 of which are rose gold watches, and the other 19 are stainless steel watches completed and made in the 1940s. The third steel case was made and completed in 1941, and was sold to an Italian retailer in September 1942, where it was suspended for 8 years, and then repackaged into gold to satisfy its prosperity after the war. Put the taste. society.

In the first-generation model, the second hand was triggered and reset by pushing in the crown. The second hand model has a coaxial pusher in the crown.

For collectors, this is a momentary opportunity. Any version of 1436 will have a place in the antique collection, but my favorite is the watch with the precious Bre number or the pink case with a pink dial.

Some examples from 1436

The 1436 second hand chronograph is a tricky version of the reference model 130, especially in the steel case. It may be one of the Saint Grails in the antique watch collection. Its Roman numerals and baton marked version of the watch reached an amazing US$3,301 Phillips auction house (2015) francs,

Due to its rarity, steel complications are Patek Philippe’s most popular watches. As mentioned earlier, there is only one steel 15.91 million calendar, one steel 15.26 million calendar and four steel 15.18 million calendars. Incredibly, my dear friend Auro Montanari (aka John Goldberger) introduced all of these in his book “Patek Philippe Steel Watches”. He also used the only two known versions of 1436 made of steel. Therefore, with his permission, it is my honor to show you these two versions here.

Alex’s thoughts – 1563

In terms of rarity and desirability, it is no better than 1563. It is based on the design of the reference number 1436 with a large case, sporty appearance and oversized chronograph buttons. It also has a second hand mechanism and most importantly uses only three gold Example made! Interestingly, Bao Bre only reserves numbers for steel 1436s, and an example of 1563 is Baogue number.

Is there a Tasti Tondi top luxury copy watches I want? Well, yes, but no, we are quickly bringing reality into fantasy, reference number 1563 (an instant version of 1463) was made in only three known examples. The split-second chronograph is my favorite complication.

This is a chronograph with a second hand stopwatch function. You can stop the second hand to read the lap time or “minutes and seconds”, and then restart to catch up with the constantly moving chronograph second hand.

In terms of the complexity of the movement and the difficulty of setting, the second-level complexity is second only to the minute repeater. The challenge involves the pressure exerted on the second heart-shaped cam through the return lever, which has a roller jewel and a return spring. If the pressure is too high, you will be greatly dragged down, and if the resistance is too small, the instant pointer will not catch up in a clear, clean and instantaneous way.

According to most studies, the movement used in 1563 is the same as the movement used in 1436.

The most beautiful work ever produced from 1563 is an extraordinary golden yellow model with luminous numbers and hands by Bao Bre. Imagine the incredible person who ordered this watch. He wanted a gold chronograph, but with a second hand function and illuminated indication. How cool is it?

Another famous 1563 best fake watches for men is the one worn by Duke Ellington, which is located in the Patek Philippe Museum. You can immediately tell 1563 from the huge crown of the “normal” 1463, which is much larger than the 1463 crown. This is because the crown is also a button for activating the second hand function.