Hublot Big Bang Spirit Chronograph: Hublot Channel Richard Mille

Hublot 614.CI.1170.RX Spirit of Big Bang MECA-10 Black Magic replica watch

Hublot’s Big Bang and Big Bang King Power have defined the appearance of this super large sports watch for more than a decade. In epic exercises, Hublot challenged and occasionally surpassed the status of luxury watch manufacturers Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Breitling in the field of buzz-driven sports timepieces.

But let’s make it public; the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang is Hublot’s first game, with the goal of regaining the media magic and collector “mindshare” that Richard Mille has long abandoned. .

Under the leadership of the superstar Jean-Claude Biver in the watch industry, Hublot has made unremitting efforts to promote in every famous and celebrity media favorite arena Created this extroverted watch.

Love it or hate it, you can’t miss Hublot or its watches.

But in the past five years, Hublot has repeatedly appeared, fighting for the thoughts and emotions of the sports luxury crowd: Richard Mille (Richard Mille).

Mille achieved Hublot’s singles by placing its six-figure (and above) hardware on the front and on the arm of the world’s most elite; Formula One drivers, professional tennis stars and A-List actors not only wear RM watches, but also Also authorized signed models with names. Online replica watches

Although the manufacturer of Les Breuleux has fewer customers and higher prices than most Hublot watches, Biver and Co. must realize that Mille brought them to school with his own lesson plan. For Hublot, this is how things work.

The Big Bang spirit combines Hublot’s material fusion concept with the fashion sensitivity of Richard Mille’s iconic barrel-shaped sports watch into one outstanding package.

With its huge tapered case, rubber and crocodile leather strap, based on Zenith’s El Primero chronograph movement, and a completely hollow dial, Spirit of Big Bang has taken almost all of it at a tenth of the cost. Richard Mille techno-badass image.

The field of luxury sports watches is a full-contact industry, and Hublot stands out when both barrels are burning. The huge wine barrels made of high-grade titanium alloy will not cause RM to cherish the style of RM or dance with the core crowd.

This watch embodies the elemental charm of Lamborghini’s original frame on the assembly line, and then the body panels and paint make the beasts mechanical beasts civilization below. 26315ST.OO.1256ST.02

Hublot’s iconic titanium “H”-shaped bezel bolts work effectively, and the alternating brushed titanium pockets contrast sharply with the frosted metal release groove. This contrast is dramatic and amazing.

Each side of the Spirit expands with the volume of the black black aramid inserts, emphasizing the layered structure, which has become the iconic symbol of Hublot’s “fusion” style and Richard Mille’s RM series.

Among the spongy exoskeleton, there is a delicate Hublot Cal. The HUB4700 movement can be viewed through the fully hollowed dial and the sapphire exhibition back.

There is enough window space to enjoy the view, and the lucky owner will be able to enjoy the view per square centimeter. HUB4700 is based on the legendary Zenith El Primero chronograph, with a dark PVD bridge, a transparent sapphire date dial, and fully exposed wheels, levers and rubies.

Every element has been decorated to maximize visual impact; Hublot wisely pointed out that half of Richard Mille’s entertainment value comes from the beating heart of showing his watch to bewildered friends and colleagues.

The performance of the “Big Bang Spirit” lives up to its solid appearance.

Hublot’s corporate stabilizer Zenith is responsible for the engineering design of this movement, and the basic El Primero movement in this luxury bruising machine is a legend in the industry. El Primero was the first automatic chronograph with a rate of 36,000 VpH, and Richard Mille himself set a record when he was still in watchmaking school.

El Primero’s dual chronograph and sturdy durability are generally respected by fine watchmaking experts, giving Spirit a true fine watchmaking pedigree.

Just like the RM barrel series, Hublot Spirit of Big Bang also provides an excellent ergonomic design and a lightweight appearance on the wrist. Titanium watches usually reduce the weight of smaller steel and precious metal watches, as is the case with Spirit.

The wide back cover further reduces the texture of the forearm, and the natural rubber strap and sturdy alligator leather ensure the best comfort. The unfolding clasp made of PVD black titanium alloy perfectly reflects the retention effect of Hublot Spirit of Big Bang. It is a new watch with complete factory documents, packaging and original Hublot accessories. RICHARD MILLE RM 35-02 RAFAEL NADAL