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Launch of Richard Mille RM036 Tourbillon G Sensor Limited Edition Jean Todt

Richard Mille RM 036 Tourbillon G-Sensor JEAN TODT Ref.:RM 036 watch

Richard Mille will never avoid extremes. With the new RM036 Tourbillon G sensor limited edition Jean Todt (Jean Todt), he remains in shape as always, but adds new complexity. In addition to the light structure and large tourbillon that you are undoubtedly familiar with, Mr. Mille also added a G-Force sensor to the RM036.

RM036 started with Richard Mille’s famous thick tonneau-shaped case (16.15 mm to be precise), this time made of lightweight titanium alloy. Inside is a skeletonized carbon nanofiber bottom plate, grade 5 titanium alloy bridge, sturdy arcap central bridge and commonly used Richard Mille spline screws to fix all components together. The idea here is to maximize the rigidity and longevity of performance even under harsh conditions.

In addition to this structure, RM036 is still a tourbillon. The tourbillon has a freely rotating variable inertial balance, which helps the watch maintain accuracy after being impacted, and the barrel can rotate quickly and has a progressive recoil, so that the force is more constant in time.

But the core of RM036 is the G-Force recorder, which is the first Richard Mille watch. In the case of rapid deceleration, the amount of G-Force experienced by the wearer will be displayed at 12 o’clock. The scale is graded from green to red to remind the wearer whether it is safe for the human body to use force. Presumably, if the hands fly into the red zone, you will not check the watch, but this is a cool complication. To reset the meter at any time, just pump the button at 9 o’clock.

There is also a button in the center of the crown at 3 o’clock that allows you to select winding, neutral and manual setting modes. There is a small display marked W N H at 4 o’clock, so you don’t have to doubt which mode you are in. Just press the button and the pointer will jump to the next mode. In addition, the module used to set the time is actually located behind the rest of the movement, making repairs easier, and if repairs are required, it is less intrusive. Cool idea. fake watches for sale