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HYT H1 RED2 review

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Red revolution

Few colors are as symbolic as red. Heat, danger, passion, love and speed are just a few words that are easy to think of when there is red.

The innovative Swiss Haute Horlogerie brand HYT has attracted much attention for its innovative and unique watches. It uses liquid to pass time, and now chooses to use its new HYT H1 Red2 to embrace this particularly sharp shadow. This model is part of a large number of new products from high-end watch companies, and was recently released at the 2014 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show.

For those of you who may not have much of the HYT timepiece collection, I provide a brief description of what makes the brand’s watches truly revolutionary.

A new way of expressing time.

HYT added a bright liquid to its first model HYT H1 to give time, which caused a sensation. The feature of this model is that the narrow glass capillary surrounding the round dial of the clock is filled with a green liquid containing fluorescein, and a second separate colorless oily liquid. Where the two liquids meet, a crescent-shaped meniscus is formed, indicating the time of prevalence.

Each liquid must be clearly stable and distinguished from its neighbors with similar liquids. The meniscus must be kept for several hours. Color and uniformity will not change with impact, temperature or vibration. In addition, liquid will not leak, and water will not enter the capillary, because this will damage the timekeeping of the watch fake. These potential challenges require a lot of expertise to conquer. However, HYT’s hard work was rewarded with an intoxicating dedication time.

At 6 o’clock are two containers for corresponding liquids. Two bellows pumps are used for each reservoir and can be easily seen from the front of the table.

The left pump drives the fluorescent liquid clockwise from 0600 hours to 1800 hours. In contrast, the right-hand pump is receiving more and more colorless liquid, so when one pump is fully compressed, the other pump is fully expanded.

When the meniscus reaches 1800 hours, it will slowly return to 0600 hours, and the process will start again, covering 1800 hours to 0600 hours. The reason why the liquid did not flow quickly recovered to 1800 hours was that a brake was installed to stop the movement of the liquid, thereby preventing any damage. The minutes are transmitted via a circular dial below noon.

HYT developed this watch in cooperation with the watchmaking genius Jean-François Mojon (Jean-François Mojon) and his Chronode SA team.

Despite the use of the most advanced fluids, the mechanical movement of this movement has a frequency of 4 Hz. In addition, traditional decorations, such as the chamfered bridge with the Côtes de Genève motif, are synonymous with haute horology.

A new chapter in the Hyt story
Initially, HYT’s product range was limited, but with the popularization of its models and the development of expansion plans, the brand expanded its product range. This year, the company launched some novel products at the Basel Watch Fair, and its product line has now been expanded to 19 references.

This young brand has adopted new case materials, and interestingly new fluorescent colors.

A layperson might think that changing the color of the liquid used is a simple task, but it is not. Each different liquid requires very complex chemistry and long-term development to ensure its behavior meets expectations. However, the result of this perseverance is a series of unique models, each timepiece showing its own unique personality.

The red liquid used in the new H1 Red2 model is bold, exciting and legible. HYT does not give up practicality and prefer style. The watch with its nomenclature is very easy to read and very suitable for everyday wear.

A power reserve indicator is located between 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock. On the contrary, the small seconds display near 9 o’clock and 10 o’clock completes the list of delivered functions. One aspect of the design language that I particularly appreciate is the degree of change in the dial details. The minute display seems to float almost above the surrounding dial elements, giving a pleasant depth and fascinating.

The case is made of titanium and rose gold. The resulting potential is lofty. The golden lugs and bezel contrast sharply with the titanium strap and back cover. The watch has a diameter of 48.9 mm and a height of 17.9 mm. However, even though it is a sturdy watch copy, when I wear it on my wrist, I find it very comfortable to wear and it looks smaller than the spec sheet suggests.

These pistons can be seen either from the front of the dial or from the back cover of the showcase. I am a child in the Meccano era, and I like to see the interface of mechanical objects, giving visual effects that give function and purpose. The bellows is made of flexible alloy and is driven by two pistons which are driven by a cam driven by the movement.

The movement utilizes many watchmaking techniques. As mentioned earlier, the finishing is magnificent. There are 35 jewels on the movement, which can store 65 hours of power. This is particularly impressive considering the energy required to drive the bellows pump and push the liquid around the capillary.

Concluding remarks
HYT’s development momentum is good, and as the company continues to grow and spread across the world, I am sure I am not alone in admiring its cleverly designed watches.

I am happy for the blue sky thinkers working in the company, because their creativity and bold creativity should be recognized. In addition, with the increase in commercial success, I hope that HYT can provide more intelligent design and mechanical creativity in the future.

Technical index

Model: HYT H1 Red2
Reference: 148-TG-02-RF-RU
Case: 18-carat rose gold and titanium; diameter 48.90 mm; height 17.90 mm; water resistance to 10 bar (100 meters); sapphire crystal glass front and back cover.
Functions: hours; minutes; small seconds; power reserve indicator.
Movement: HYT dedicated mechanical manual winding movement; frequency 28,800 vph (4Hz), 35 jewels; power reserve 65 hours
Strap: Rubber strap with titanium black DLC pin buckle.