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5 reasons collectors love Patek Philippe

Why devotees of Swiss brands will never succumb to the best works-the example provided by Christie’s Auction House illustrates this

Patek Philippe cheap collectors are different from other watch collectors. They are not flashy; they need not be. That’s because Patek Philippe’s low-key elegance demonstrates self-confidence. In short, the owners of Patek Philippe know that they have exquisite craftsmanship, tradition and design on their wrists. Once they have Patek Philippe, there is no other way.

Patek Philippe. This unique and extremely important 18k rose gold “spider lug” chronograph with tachymeter and carved bezel has been confirmed as the only Patek Philippe watch ever signed by Geneb. 1579R, movement number. 868’845, case number 693’233. Manufactured in 1955.

It is said that since 1839, less than 1 million Patek Philippe watches have been produced. This is less than the watches produced by some high-end Swiss manufacturers within a year. Patek Philippe’s production process is so detailed that its most basic watch takes 9 months, while it takes more than two years to produce some more complex timepieces. At the same time, global demand is growing.

Some Patek Philippe watches are so sought-after that buyers must submit an application process to prove that they are high-quality collectors.

The rose gold reference 1579R shown above is considered one of the rarest chronographs ever made by Patek Philippe. This watch is not only the only known reference. The 1579R has an open bezel, which is Patek Philippe’s only reference chronograph made with this bezel. In addition, the dial is one of six known examples of double-signed rose gold reference 1579R for both Patek Philippe and prestigious Milan retailer Gobbi.

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The design

The true beauty of Patek Philippe design lies in its movement. Every part is done by hand, considering that only watchmakers can really appreciate it, this seems to be an excessive amount of detail. However, even lay worshipers cannot but be shocked by its beauty.

The dial design is also unmatched. Faceted batons, hand-polished hands and small things tell people that even people who wear watches often do not notice the uniqueness of Patek Philippe, but they generally look and feel perfect on the wrist.

Every Patek Philippe luxury replica watches can find a searchable “excerpt” in the Patek Philippe archive. Knowing that you can provide the production date and original sales date for each Patek Philippe produced since 1839, this gives you confidence.

When you meet someone who owns a Patek Philippe watch, you can say with certainty that their life is doing very well. These excerpts meticulously refine the history of each watch and evoke moments in people’s lives, which is obtained by purchasing Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe’s excerpts did not include the names of the previous owners, but most of each member of the royal family and countless heads of state and celebrities are in these files. This is an excellent feed for imagination. Maybe the previous owner is celebrating the end of the war with your watch, the beginning of a new life with someone or the birth of a child. Some of the most beautiful watches we have seen have never been auctioned before.

Patek Philippe has unparalleled design, craftsmanship and craftsmanship. For example, the Patek Philippe case illustrates everything: they look simple in the overall execution process, but Patek Philippe has no shortcuts. In some other watchmakers, the case is usually cast and machined in an outside store. In Patek Philippe, the case is mostly made in-house and is usually made of solid gold or platinum.

Patek Philippe uses traditional case-making techniques dating back to the 1800s and has been retained by some contemporary watchmakers. To manufacture one of these cases requires the know-how that has been passed down from generation to generation like the cheapest replica watches itself. This is how it should be. That is the beauty of Patek Philippe.