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A watch suitable for kings!

Rafa Nadal, king of clay tennis courts, wears Richard Mille.

Since serving as Richard Mille’s brand ambassador in 2010, Rafa has seen his initials written on many of the brand’s dials, but why is his watch so special?

To understand the watch first, we must understand Rafa.

He is one of the most powerful tennis players and one of the most extreme shots that is extremely difficult to hit.

Now, by combining extremely high impact and very fragile high-end watch movements, you will have a disastrous combination.

This is why no other tennis player wears a watch during the game, it is simple, because the conventional mechanical watch needs maintenance after 2-3 games.


This new tourbillon RM 27-03 has been tested and can withstand shocks of up to 10,000 Gs, which is unheard of in watches.

The movement is housed in an ultra-lightweight quartz TPT case, made of silicone and resin, with a size of 47.7mm x 40.3mm and a thickness of 12.7mm. Skeleton base plate made of titanium bridge and carbon TPT.

This watch has a power reserve of 70 hours and a scale of 1 billion in the middle of the case, which will definitely impress your tennis club buddy.


Richard Mille Rafael Nadal RM 35-02.

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) launched RM 35-02, designed in collaboration with tennis player Rafael Nadal. Although it is well known that “cooperation” in this type of luxury means “designed to make money”, we cannot really imagine a celebrity sitting in the celebrity who is assembling parts in a watchmaking workshop.

The watch is made of sandblasted grade 5 titanium alloy wet film, has a PVD coating, and has a variable inertial balance wheel driven by a double barrel system, and is unique to Richard Mille brand. The variable geometry rotor can adjust the automatic winding according to the user’s activity level.

Waterproof to 50 meters, you can choose NTPT carbon fiber or bright red Quartz-TPT with white highlights.

Rafael Nadal: the only Replica Watches Online he will promote

Rafael Nadal needs no introduction. The promoter will continue to round the player and ask him to promote their products. Last year, a little-known watchmaker asked Nadal if he could promote his watch, but Nadal simply rejected the request.

However, the situation has changed, and now watchmakers Rafael Nadal and Richard Mille have proposed a lightweight watch that Raphael can easily wear during the game. In turn, this deal has matured into one of the best contracts and has begun a new chapter in the relationship between athletes and sponsors.

Although it is not clear the exact details of the deal, Nadal still likes to wear this watch in all competitions, which increases the desire of those who want to own this watch. Rafael Nadal and Mille team members conducted a year-long study to make the watch light and strong so that players can wear it out effortlessly during the game.

The watch is designed in such a way that the influence of gravity is minimized, and Rafael can concentrate on his game without realizing that he is wearing a watch. The watch is made using some tiny cables and can withstand an acceleration of about 5,000 Gs.

Under normal circumstances, any force greater than 10G is dangerous to humans, and the fact that the watch is designed to withstand more than 5000 G forces makes it unique and special at the same time.

Rafael Nadal added a light note to his technical speech. He pointed out that he did use his best replica watches to check the time between games.