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Launched the Rado D-Star Rattrapante limited edition, a high-tech ceramic chronograph

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Today, Rado replica offers you brand new products, known for its well-designed ceramic and ceramic composite watches. In order to expand the D-Star series of watches, Rado created a limited edition D-Star Rattrapante. Click the full story of this matte black ceramic second hand chronograph.

Today, Rado offers you a brand new product, known for its well-designed ceramic and ceramic composite watches. In order to expand the D-Star series of watches, Rado created a limited edition D-Star Rattrapante.

D-Star Rattrapante starts with a matte black oval case made of ceramic and matte black PVD-coated stainless steel with a diameter of about 46mm. The right side of the case looks like your usual chronograph, but at 10 o’clock, you will find additional ratchet pointer buttons. The matte black ceramic bracelet adds charm to the overall appearance of D-Star Rattrapante.

This futuristic package contains the ETA 7770 movement (used internally by the Swatch Group brand). The power reserve is 48 hours, the D-Star Rattrapante is automatic, and the rotor is decorated with Rado.

Today, we are watching Rado and give you a brief introduction to the meaning of the brand! replica watches online

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A brief history of the Rado table.
The Rado brand started in 1917 and was originally founded by three brothers. It was not a gentle start. Fritz, Ernst and Werner founded the Rado brand and later became Rado at the home of their parents in Lengnau, Switzerland. This was a modest start for the company named Schlup & Co at the time, but by the end of World War II, the factory had become one of the world’s largest watch movement manufacturers.

Schlup & Co adopted the name Rado in the 1950s and began to build the reputation we know today. On the 40th anniversary of Schlup & Co in 1957, the iconic Rado Golden Horse series debuted. Then the Green Horse series was launched in 1958, and it was the first Rado watch to be marketed with its waterproof performance! By the end of the century, Rado had become a truly international business, spread across more than 61 countries.

Throughout the 1960s, Rado continued to stand out from the competition. The most famous one is released in the form of DiaStar 1. This is the first anti-scratch watch ever, and has achieved great success. This is the answer to many consumer needs and remains a model of Rado’s innovative design and materials approach.

They did not slow down, they continued to grow in the 1970s and 1980s, and they continued to revolutionize the watchmaking industry and the entire industry. 72′ saw the first gold version of DiaStar, and 76′ was the debut of its first simple work, Dia 67. Then 86′ gave us Rado points, which is yet another revolutionary timepiece.

Rado swiss movement replica watches were popular in the 1990s due to the use of high-tech ceramics, and today it is still the brand’s iconic material. The CERAMICA launched this time was ranked in 1990, and introduced a fully integrated design to the world. Then in 1993, titanium cermets and cermets were introduced on Sintra, followed by plasma high-tech ceramics on Ceramica in 1998.

The new century began with the boom of Rado watches. The first thing we saw was eSenza, this is the first Rado watch without a crown! Next is the V10K in 2002, which is made of high-tech diamonds and has elasticity, which can be described as real! Rado also ended the ten-year style and released the creative r5.5 series of British designer Jasper Morrison.

From the beginning of this century, we are still welcomed by Rado’s many innovative and revolutionary models. A watch like True Thinline is really an incredible 5mm thick watch! We also accept models such as Esenza and HyperChrome, where you can still purchase some of them.

Why choose Rado ?
As you know, Rado has a long and glorious history and has always been one of the most innovative Swiss watch brands ever. Their dedication to quality and longevity has helped them establish a good reputation and help them continue to produce some of our favorite watches!

Longevity is a common theme among all Rado’s outstanding innovations. Whether it is the first scratch-resistant watch, or the advent of high-tech ceramics and diamonds, almost all the work done by Rado is aimed at making a durable watch. Their goal is to produce a reliable watch that looks as good as the one you bought on the day!

At First Class Watches, we fully support the ideology of Rado cheap watches, which is why we are happy to be the official retailer of the brand now. When you buy a Rado watch, you will receive the official packaging and paperwork, as well as the same security guarantee provided by Rado. This is because we also provide a 2-year Rado official warranty to ensure that your watch stays in its proper condition!