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Blancpain Villeret series flagship masterpiece full moon phase new upgrade of exquisite size

In 2020, Blancpain replica reinterpreted the flagship flagship of the V series full moon phase watch, expressing pure beauty with a delicate size of 38 mm. As the most popular watch in the most classic series-Blancpain full calendar moon phase watch, it has won the reputation of “the true moon phase master” for the brand. In Europe, nearly 70% of watch buyers think of Blancpain when buying moon phase watches. That vivid anthropomorphic moon phase face also became Blancpain’s second logo.

The full calendar function is one of Blancpain’s proudest complex functions. This function has its historical glory. In 1983, Blancpain broke through the fog of the quartz storm with the full calendar moon phase function, leading Swiss mechanical watchmaking to its peak. The reason why Blancpain’s moon phases have continued successfully to this day is deeply loved by watch fans, but also because of its practicality and outstanding design structure.

The watch uses an exquisitely shaped window hole to display the day and month. The date is indicated by a blue steel snake-shaped hand-the reason why the snake is used is because according to the requirements of the 18th century watchmaking tradition, the time is removed from the watch. Information other than seconds must be indicated by a specially shaped pointer. Generally, Blancpain will use the full calendar function in conjunction with the moon phase function. The full calendar shows the month, date, and week, which is a very practical function; and the moon phase shows the moon’s profit and loss cycle, representing the classical and romantic aesthetic appeal-Blancpain combines the two to achieve a timeless classic.

The new 38mm full calendar moon phase best fake watches uses the signature design elements of its V series.

The dial is cleverly decorated with innovative and elegant hour markers and the hollow willow needle known as the “first needle in the world”. The unforgettable Blancpain moon phase face is presented on the redesigned function display panel. These aesthetic elements make the watch vivid, elegant and classic, while ensuring that the time information is clear and easy to read. Blancpain always finds a blend of beauty and practicality between tradition and innovation, and finds a response between the times.

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The new model adopts the classic double-circle bezel, which is the most special existence in the round watch, and it can’t hide the nobleness at a glance. The unique “circle on the circle” design, metal integrated hand-made three-dimensional creation, meticulously polished by the master craftsman to produce an unforgettable arc and gloss, the height and distance between the arc and the arc are exactly the same, just like a delicate artwork. Side function buttons, properly integrated. The sapphire glass caseback reveals the top-level polishing process of the 6763 self-winding movement. This movement is completely designed and produced by Blancpain, has a power reserve of up to four days, and is equipped with a silicon hairspring.

The new V series full-calendar moon phase fake watches has a stainless steel case with a white dial and a red gold case with a protein dial. Following Blancpain’s principle of “never produce second-class products” and “details show dignity”, all time scales are made of white gold or red gold, and are matched with stainless steel or red gold cases to achieve harmonious and unified colors. At the same time, each timepiece has diamonds to choose from. In addition, Blancpain also matched the alligator leather straps for each model, as well as the Mille Mailles metal bracelet containing more than 500 independent parts and patiently assembled by watchmakers.