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Jacob & Co proposes “Extreme Clock”

Jacob & Co Epic X Chrono Luis Figo Limited Edition EC311.42.PD.BF.A Replica watch

Watch Brand: Jacob & Co Watch Replica

Watch Range: Epic X Chrono Luis Figo Limited Edition

Watch Model: EC311.42.PD.BF.A

Movement: Self-Winding

Size: 47 mm

Gender: Men

Case material: Rose Gold and Titanium,Black Ceramic

Crystal: Sapphire


Dial Color: Black

Strap: leather

Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds

Case Shape: Round

Buckle: Folding buckle

Water resistance: 200 m


Founder Jacob Arabo (Jacob Arabo) is known worldwide for his unique and unprecedented watches, he launched the latest “big mess” watch Twin Turbo Furious, once again breaking through the traditional watchmaking field. As an extension of the brand’s famous “Twin Turbo” series, the new model has reached an unprecedented height in terms of attractive design and technical complexity. It has a landmark meaning, it has a complex combination of dual acceleration dual-axis sequential tourbillon, minute repeater chronograph and single-press chronograph.

In the watchmaking industry, the appearance of the tourbillon in the watch movement made the watch enter the elite field. Jacob & Co.’s Twin Turbo Furious stands out in this outstanding product, incorporating a dual-acceleration three-axis sequential tourbillon in its striking design. The tourbillon rotates the course in 24 seconds on the first axis, 8 seconds on the second axis, and 30 seconds on the third axis. The tourbillon bracket is equipped with an adjustment mechanism, which can sweep through all positions within half a minute and compensate for the gravitational influence caused by the attraction of the earth, thereby greatly improving the timing precision with time. This is a major improvement from the previous version of the watch, which initially required 8 minutes to complete the cleaning of all locations. Today, scanning takes only 30 seconds to complete, which means that the accuracy of the new model has been improved.

Given the rotation speed of the tourbillon, the rhythm of the balance wheel (forward and backward movement of the paddle): 6 ticks per second: the scattered and visually strong rhythm gave the movement a coherent name, which is worthwhile Observed.

The advantage of the connection between two tourbillon wearers is that it stabilizes the entire system. In the event of an impact, if one of the tourbillons is affected by the impact, the other tourbillon will immediately make up for possible differences and maintain perfect motion accuracy.

Fractional minute repeater

The minute repeater timing is one of the most appreciated complications among collectors. For watchmakers, they are also one of the most difficult complications. However, Jacob & Co. tried to push the limits of technical feasibility to bring Twin Turbo Furious to life. To simplify the audible time indication, Twin Turbo Furious emits a beep every ten minutes. Because this type of mechanism is known to be very sensitive, Jacob & Co.’s sports engineering department includes safety devices to prevent untimely events, such as taps triggered by a reset time. fake luxury watches

Planetary power reserve

The remaining power is displayed at 6 o’clock on the dial. Thanks to the ingenious planetary system, which includes a differential gear mechanism; the pointer points to the entire power reserve on the left, and then moves to the right as the 50-hour reserve drops. The watch winds through the connecting rod on the crown at 3 o’clock.

Single button timing function with reference time

The original Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo model made its debut at the 2016 Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show and was the first watch in history to combine two three-axis tourbillons and minute repeaters. With the help of Twin Turbo Furious, Jacob & Co. further added a very special timing function. Twin Turbo Furious represents the Swiss Home’s determination to always find new solutions or create unprecedented functions, and is equipped with a “reference time” indicator.

The reference time indicator provides instant reading inspiration, while the chronograph panel was previously used in racing cars. During each lap, the panel displayed on the side of the track will tell the driver the difference between their time and the lap reference time.

There is a display in the center of the Twin Turbo Furious dial that shows the difference in seconds compared to the reference time originally set by the stopwatch hands. This solution is aesthetically and technically very effective, which will inevitably satisfy motorsport enthusiasts.

The primary task of Jacob & Co. is to integrate the one-touch chronograph function into the Twin Turbo Furious: the spur gear and the horizontal clutch ensure precise operation while achieving smooth control. perfect replica watches