Richard Mille replica watches

Richard Mille RM 07-03 Automatic Marshmallow

Richard Mille Replica Watch RM 07-03 Automatic Marshmallow

Brand Richard Mille
Range RM 007
Model RM 07-03 Automatic Marshmallow
Case material Ceramic,Tonneau
Movement automatic
Bracelet material White Rubber
Case Size 45.32×32.30 mm
Thickness 11.93 mm
Dial Color White
Water resistance 50 m
Crystal Sapphire
Features hours, minutes
Year 2019
BUCKLE pin Buckle
Gender Women

Acidification and bounded collection

Richard Mille greedily took over the new realm of graphics, color and emotional expression. The Richard Mille Bonbon series consists of ten models, each of which has 30 copies, providing a surprising and turbulent vision for the watchmaking industry. These ten tabulation methods are all made of candies and fruits, used to deal with depressed habits, habits and expectations.

Richard Mille used his expertise in materials, colors and shapes to open a large candy box that offers two types of cuisine. The new RM 07-03, RM 16-01, and RM 37-01 are based on three iconic automatic models, allowing you to return to your childhood. The taste of memory is simple and pleasant, with a slight return and no need for moderation. He said: “The idea of ​​this is to revisit the existing series while reproducing the colors. This allows me to bring them more popular and interesting aspects.” We defined a total of 60 colors for this unisex series Palette, “explained Cécile Guenat, the art director of the series.


The Richard Mille Bonbon series is consistent with previous works behind the rebellious appearance. Regarding color, the brand continues to expand its color table. In-depth knowledge of materials that have become professional or even exclusive materials allows them to regularly march into green, burgundy, yellow and even pink. Therefore, the mastery of the behavior of colored ceramics, the superposition of layers of materials such as carbon TPT® or QuartzTPT®, and the inlay of colored gemstones are an integral part of these candy formulas, full of imagination and alternative. Finally, the sharp details of the eyes make these models rich in color and texture, matching the other elements of the online replica watch, thus forming a large number of graphic compositions. Therefore, all crowns and certain squares will alternately display in the form of candy, cupcakes or Italian ice cream.

very happy

The four models in the Douceurs series all have two tone-colored ceramic cases, unveiled in the majestic candy with grand enamel enamel or black chrome titanium alloy. RM 07-03 cupcakes, RM 07-03 marshmallows, RM 37-01 Sucette and RM 16-01 licorice, can provide a variety of flavors. Even better, thanks to the enamel technology, by restoring the blistering, crunchy, tender and tender feeling, it visually hints at the texture that people expect to find in the mouth. As for black, this is the basic color of the brand. It adopts a new look on the RM 16-01, borrowing the shape of a large roll of licorice on the entire surface of the dial. The most interesting solution here is the imprinting associated with the application of black chrome treatment, whether it is color or texture.

be careful

The Fruit Series is a tribute to the concept of indulgence, offering six flavors: lemon and strawberry (RM 16-01), blueberry and lychee (RM 07-03) and even kiwi and cherry (RM 37-01) through their respective cases in color Made of TPT® quartz and TPT® carbon fiber. In the gradient allowed by the change in the number of overlays, the black of TPT® Carbon and the color of TPT® Quartz appear alternately, adding a new turquoise color to the series. In order to perfect the authenticity of the 3,000 statues, these statues are coated with acrylic and hand-painted. By crushing the enamel and using very fine sand, a “sugar crystal” effect is obtained. Hourglass. Placed on a grade 5 titanium metal plate, tangled ribbons, twisted lollipops, chewing gum balls, and even citrus-shaped wedges are processed and pierced with the same precision as the watch components.

Return to happiness

Soft marshmallow or cream meringue cream. Crunchy carton or lollipop. Spicy sugar sprinkled on the wedge of citrus. By applying his material and texture science to the candy theme, Richard Mille has created a broad, delicious and powerful product range. Whether it is sweet or fruit, cheap Richard Mille Bonbon series can make you linger. This is the guarantee of good times.