Swiss Urwerk 110 TorpedoUR-110 RG Watch

It is undeniable that old-fashioned redux is still the hottest thing in watchmaking today. Even fake Urwerk‘s ultra-forward-looking design language cannot resist the trends of the past few years. In addition, designer Martin Frei did not go all out, but used more conservative wooden panels and matched with a series of custom wool tweed belts made in collaboration with the famous Savile Row tailor Timothy Everest.

Of course, leather has always been Urwerk’s strap material-in addition to this really impressive version of the UR-210s steel bracelet (hands-on here), but the increased color fineness and natural texture of the tweed help Yu disguised the existence of the imitation watches on the wrist and dispersed the sheer complexity of the dial. Rest assured, this is a good thing; for those who have long been hesitant to join the Urwerk owner ’s club and are looking for Urwerk with a smaller spaceship and a more country club atmosphere, this may even be welcome news.

Urwerk Watch Replica 110 collection UR-110 PTH

Each Eastwood version will be equipped with three interchangeable straps that match the color of their respective panels, including brown and blue ivory fabric patterns (renamed the Prince of Wales plaid worn by the Duke of Windsor) ). Light red ebony panel.

Before using fake Urwerk UR-110 Eastwood, the challenge of wearing Urwerk was not limited to the entrance fee. The challenge is not only to overcome the size, but also to overcome the practicality and extraordinary aesthetics of the device itself-sometimes it is difficult to wear other clothes besides the bat suit, so that it does not completely overwhelm your wrist. However, thanks to the natural tone of the ebony panel and the contrasting strap of the texture, it can be said that this is Urwerk’s most wearable movement at present, and it can be easily imagined to lean naturally (often) against Chambray or On the cuff of an Oxford shirt. In other words, you still have to surpass the 47 mm diameter and 51 mm lug distance of the titanium case; everyone except the most confident wrist can easily hit the ball.

Does this mean we finally have a Urwerk fake that is not only reserved for Bruce Wayne? Maybe. However, you may still need his checkbook.