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Best B.R.M V-12 Chronograph Quantieme Perpetual Black Blue watch

Wholesale Replica B.R.M V-12 Chronograph Quantieme Perpetual Black watch V12SA-46-DTQ-B

Wholesale Replica B.R.M V-12 Chronograph Quantieme Perpetual Black Blue watch V12SA-46-DTQ-BLM

Item Type: Replica V-12 Chronograph Quantieme Perpetual Black Blue Watches
Case Material: Titanium & Carbon,Round
Brand Name: B.R.M
Model Number: V12SA-46-DTQ-BLM
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter: 46 mm
Gender: men
Glass: Sapphire
Thickness: —
Dial: Grey
Clasp Type: Pin buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Band Material Type: Leather strap
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Chronograph, 6 Shock Absorbers

BRM V12-44 celebrates its tenth anniversary with a customizable watch

In September 2005, Bernard Richards Watchmaker (BRM) launched the first V12-44, and the watch immediately became a watch symbol. The 44mm automatic chronograph has a black PVD brushed stainless steel case, black dial and white dial. V12-44-BN has a true sports style. Loyal to the racing culture of the world.

BRM’s best-selling watch to date, the popularity of the V12-44 almost overnight.

“From the beginning, this was an immediate success. It will never leave a deep impression, and of course it will not leave any indifference. The BRM V12-44 series is a true symbol of manufacturing, its piston-shaped case , Lugs with screws, ultra-light pointers and dial decoration with ethnic numbers represent everything BRM cherishes.

BRM V-12-44-5N
Therefore, to celebrate the milestones of this decade, BRM has created a way for audiophiles to let them customize and manufacture their own watches for the first time. Using the brand ’s new interactive BRM configurator, prospective buyers can virtually completely customize their V12-44 by selecting each design detail of the timepiece. There are 12,000 possibilities in 20 different models.

BRM will also issue a special ultra-limited edition V12-44-GT-10 ANS to commemorate this occasion.

Each will be equipped with: polished stainless steel case, skeleton dial, black buttons and lugs, black crown with BRM logo engraved, black and red ultra-light hands, winner black and white leather strap and automatic chronograph movement.

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Three new models of B.R.M.

Bernard Richards Manufacturing Company-a luxury watch manufacturer located near Paris, the French capital, has just released details of three exciting new models. These new watches are loyal to B.R.M.’s contemporary “racing spirit” image and will attract like-minded racing fans.

One of three new watches. This is MRT-48; the other two V5-25 and V11-41 are still in production.

Like all B.R.M. watches, the latest version of the series will be produced in small batches-B.R.M. watches were once mass produced. Each model is handmade, so, as the propaganda puts it, each watch is unique.

The new V5 and V11 watches are based on the existing V7 and V12 models, but they will all be much larger than their predecessors.

Each watch has a titanium alloy piston-shaped case and separate hand-made lugs that are used separately. The dial is white, black or brushed, with a competition number. The pointer is white or red with extra light-even keeping the spirit of replica B.R.M. racing. The dial is protected by crystal sapphire at the front, while the rear is protected by the movement.

BRM winder with racing spirit

Bernard Richards produces high-quality watches with racing spirit in a studio near Paris, France. Day and night, he turns and assembles the most complex watches with his colleagues. For Bernard Richards, luxury is “attention to technical detail and perfection at every stage.” Just like in the automotive industry, the watchmaking industry has its own guide, which only those who participate in the pursuit of perfect miniatures know. In this elite environment, the word “mass production” is nowhere to be found, and people hear less about productivity. Focus on perfection!

At the Basel World Watch and Jewellery Show, we met Bernard Richards at his booth. Next to the beautiful watch are several new BRM winders. They immediately caught our attention. Bernard Richards tells us that the barrel is the perfect accessory next to the watch. Some customers who have purchased multiple BRM watches also have a special BRM winder. All BRM winders were assembled by Bernard Richard himself.

The clockwork of BRM is reminiscent of the engine, reflecting the racing spirit of BRM. There are two, four, six, eight, ten and twelve automatic watches to choose from, and can be personalized with different available colors. For example, you can make your BRM watch winder carry the national flag colors of France, the United States, the United Kingdom or Germany.

In our opinion, the BRM winder is very unique for people with multiple automatic copy watches and is very interested in racing. Imagine a beautiful BRM winder in your living room or office. Racing fans will be enthusiastic!