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U-BOAT The bright colors of the dark side of the moon have arrived in Croatia

U-Boat’s new Darkmoon collection has arrived in stores, and it’s not “dark” at all, because in addition to black, it’s available in red-black, red, brown, blue, and of course, today’s turbo-popular green. Face …

It’s really hard not to go unnoticed with the new collection of watches signed by Italo Fontana. This time it’s about the imaginative Italo series called Darkmoon,

The collection is actually to some extent just an updated version of the Capsoil collection launched at the end of 2018, which brought U-Boat’s own “oil immersion” technology to the world of watchmaking for the first time, meaning the dial and clock mechanism are fully immersed in oil. A bathtub protruding from free-floating bubbles on the dial. This “balloon” came about because of the need to compensate for the amount of oil produced due to temperature changes, a very primitive innovation (since before this there were only watches immersed in oil – the much more expensive Sinn and Ressence mechanics Automatic – a flexible element structure is used for this purpose).

Today, almost a full year after that test before us, in a collection whose name evokes the dark side of the moon, we’re looking at a design-simplified version of the Capsoil collection, this time with a new size and look dial and a new color palette Board, there are really a lot of variations. According to copy U-Boat, the new collection is designed to elevate our moods, inspire our everyday lives, and encourage us through the use of our favourite colours and shades. We’re not kidding when we say there are really a lot of changes. That is, there are 15 new models in the new collection, of which 13 are 44mm cases and 2 are 38mm cases. Available in six basic dial colours – all black with beige hour markers and hands, all black with bright red hour markers and hands, the dial comes in red, brown, blue and of course, as expected – also green of. Each of these six dial versions is available in two case versions – “regular” 316L stainless steel or the same steel with a black DLC coating (or more precisely IPB coating). All versions listed so far come with a strap made of black ultra-vulcanized rubber with an embossed brand logo on the strap. But that’s not all, as the collection also offers two versions of the case with a diameter of 38 mm, steel and steel with black DLC coating, both with special (already seventh) dials, Combining basic green with iridescent colors, and both are the only versions in the collection with a metal bracelet. Finally, there is one more, 15.

All Darkmoon models have a dome glass made of sapphire crystal that spills over the edge of the case, the classic crescent is gone, the screw-down crown is located on the left side of the case (at 9 o’clock), and the case is closed The rear now houses a special compartment that, like other standard Capsoil watches, allows for quick and easy battery replacement. The dial is simple with just the basic three hands, hour markers and Arabic numerals 4 and 8 and the letter U at 12 o’clock, all of which are treated with Super-LumiNova luminous coating. All of this is powered by a specially modified Swiss watch movement, the Ronda 712.3, with a quartz crystal that vibrates at 32,768 Hz, the same as the Capsoil watch, while being slightly less water-resistant, only claiming up to 5 ATM.

Interestingly, the Darkmoon watches are more affordable than the Capsoil, namely the Darkmoon models with rubber straps and 44mm case, while the only models with leather straps, the “bronze” model 8467/A , the fee is HRK 9,600. The 38mm case diameter version has not arrived in Croatia yet, check out the full offer in Dictina’s store and in their online store U-Boat Darkmoon, the same store also offers all three current versions of Capsoil – Solotempo 45mm We are in The DLC reference 8108/A worn in the test and both chronograph versions – can be seen on the U-Boat Capsoil link.