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The U-boat Chimera Day-Calendar is the first watch by an innovative brand that represents the date and day of the week on both sides of its dial.

The masterpiece has a diameter of 46mm, which is available in any style of sharp stainless steel or naturally aged bronze for various styles. The bezel and the back cover of the case are secured by external pipes and custom keys that are waterproof. The bronze case uses a gorgeous chocolate brown laser cut dial, which is applied to the surface finely by hand brushing technology. The perfect platform for semi-bronze, semi-brown strong hour and minute hands, and ultra-fine bronze second hands. The strong contrast witnessed the position of the stainless steel case surrounding the two black superimposed dials, with laser-cut baton hands on the dial and super-luminescent material on the hands, which can be viewed under limited lighting conditions. To ensure easy adjustment of the date and time, Chimera Day-Date uses a patented system to retrieve the crown.

Both versions use the smallest and simple dial with three indentation marks to indicate the time. Each indicator is marked with two sharp lines, located at 12 o’clock, 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock, to facilitate the wearer to see through and understand how the dial works. The date is displayed at 3 o’clock, in a box, and the day of the week is located between 10 and 11 o’clock. The decision to eliminate indexing of numbers and minutes is likely to focus mainly on the date and date display, which are new features that both appear on the dial.

U-boat U-51 chimera Not long ago, U-Boat was just a brand that had just started. It provided a unique but simple case with a basic quartz movement. Like many young upstarts, they have a concept-the watch of an Italian wartime submarine driver-but they lack confidence because of the lack of better terms. Now that this concept is mature, U-Boat is confident to do something special. evidence? U-51 chimera.

U-Boat watches have always been divided. Large, diverse and compelling, it smiled on the delicate face, but the situation changed. Like the previous Panerai, U-Boat got rid of the historic, but usually unrealistic, tray-size case and turned into comfort and sensitivity. Indeed, Chimera’s diameter is only 46 mm and there is no violet shrinkage, but its size is more comfortable for wearers wearing traditional size timepieces.

But it’s not just the size that has changed, oh no, it’s much more than that. The previous U-Boat watch has undeniable simplicity in structure, while the U-51 is complicated and intricate, and I dare say it is elegant. The polished lips meet the brushed edges, and the curves merge into multiple angles; the details are far beyond the usual U-Boat measurement standards, at least impressive. There are no sharp, unprocessed edges, and no simple CNC milling shapes can be seen.Where can I buy good replica watches?

Then, some original touches were introduced, such as bare case bolts (all beautifully polished), asymmetrical sandwich dial, pill-shaped chronograph reset button, and even bronze and rare forged carbon fiber. Strange material. This attention to detail has trusted watchmakers, which is an investment effort, not just simply packaging the movement and shipping it out. This is evidence that potential customers need to rest assured, they have attracted people’s attention, and its production process is full of confidence.

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Watch specifications U-51 46 Chimera

Case: Steel Size: 46mm in diameter, 17mm in thickness Crystal: Hemispherical synthetic sapphire Water resistance: 50m Movement: Modified Valjoux 7750, automatic winding Frequency: 28,800 vph Power reserve: 44 hours Strap: Black crocodile leather Function: Time , Chronograph. the best replica watches in the world