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Corum Golden Bridge Titane DLC watch

Fashion Swiss Corum Golden Bridge Dragon replica watch REF: B113/02349 Review

At first glance, the fake Corum Golden Bridge Titane DLC may be difficult to move your ideas around. This is the evolution of the “linear” movement of the Corum Golden Bridge, which first appeared in a more traditional round case, where we saw hands-on operation. Both sides of the movement have “pillars” similar to suspension bridges, and a rich black DLC coating is used on the titanium case. Going to quote the Golden Gate Bridge or Brooklyn Bridge, you can easily see the correlation in the design.

This time Corum launched two versions, one is white gold (B113 / 03832) and the other is rose gold (B113 / 03831). You can see this difference in the movement itself, which is made of bridges and screws in various metals, as well as hands and flips. Linear motion (or what Corum calls “baguette”) is what distinguishes these watches from similar products. The hand-wound Corum CO 113 movement runs at a frequency of 4 Hz and has a power reserve of 40 hours, and is arranged in a straight line from noon to 6 o’clock. The 43mm wide case (waterproof 30m) is sandwiched between two sapphire crystals, giving you a broad view of the movement as a whole.

These new changes in the Corum round case seem to be on par with the development of the brand’s design concept. The movement itself and its unconventional structure are emphasized and demonstrated here. The contrast between the polished DLC on the case and the pillar of the fashion fake watch caused the precious metal on the movement to pop out suddenly, thus highlighting the “bridge” that constitutes the entire movement aesthetics.

The structure of the watches we wear may not be sufficient. We may discuss the different elements of the watch between the case and dial, but Corum Golden Bridge emphasizes the structure of the case physically and conceptually-the linear movements and gears hanging on both ends of the case are in the case Tick ​​between. Two sets of DLC-coated support rods really make this the focus. I find these visual elements very compelling.

The Corum Golden Bridge Titane DLC watch will be provided on a rubber strap with a tread-like texture on the tire surface, which outlines the brand name engraved on the middle stripes. This seems to be an interesting choice, perhaps compared to DLC and precious metal shell, it is more suitable for the appearance of sports. On the one hand, I think a beautiful dark leather strap might fit better, but I can see Corum trying to express something by using rubber.

Corum also pointed out that these two watches will soon launch two new models with the same gold tone. It is unclear whether DLC elements will be brought into those new models. In the final analysis, I think the success of these luxury watches will depend on Corum’s fan base and collectors who specialize in advanced watchmaking and movement innovation. Rose gold of Corum Golden Bridge Titane DLC.