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A powerful review: 2 weeks time, equipped with Corum golden bridge rectangular watch

Replica Corum GOLDEN BRIDGE CLASSIC WHITE GOLD B113/01042 - 113.160.59/0001 0000 watch

They’ said that you only have one chance to impress. Judging from the time I have worked in the jewelry store, this statement holds true. Whether the customer’s brand is in love with poetry, or to objectively demonstrate the better quality of a certain movement, is always the second main reason whether customers like the appearance of the watch. This is what Vincent Calabrese, the designer of the original Golden Bridge, achieved when he was working in a Swiss watch boutique in the 1970s. When a customer brought this precious minute repeater that had been run over by a car into the boutique, Vincent began to create an offer for the refurbishment of the case and movement. To his surprise, the customer refused to repair the movement and said that no one would see it. Vincent later recalled: “His words ung my ears, which prompted me to make a timepiece, the movement is not the case or design is a star.”

The Corum Golden Bridge rectangle perfectly balances the exquisite design and jaw-dropping clocks.

Building a linear movement in a slender golden bridge between the two halves was not without challenges, but in 1977, the first Golden Bridge prototype was completed (only 45 parts!). It does not have any water resistance and has many technical problems, but it still won the gold medal at the Geneva International Inventors Exhibition. After the event, Corum founder Rene Bannwart proposed to Vincent to make watches for his brand. Three years later, in 1980, Corum Golden Bridge was launched and quickly became one of the brand’s most famous timepieces.

Today, 37 years later, Corum launched the newly designed Golden Bridge series, and launched Rectangle earlier this year.

The more obvious situation and the golden beam are immediately visible. The dial of the first golden bridge is completely empty, focusing entirely on the movement, but the new rectangular case adds some necessary structure and visual impact in the form of rose gold beams as stylized Roman numerals. The new beam is not a thin gold bar floating on a crystal, but has a certain depth and structure, which can be seen when the replica watches uk is tilted at a certain angle. When telling the time, the silver rivets in the middle column added a little function, but mainly for artistic talent. The size of the golden bridge is 29.5 mm x 42.2 mm and the thickness is 9.3 mm. It can be attached to the wrist very well, and the impact it brings exceeds its subtle sports effect.

The highlight of the watch is the linear movement, which is completely visible from both sides of the watch.

What I found interesting is that it is so strange to open the mechanical watch and greet it with the mirror image you just saw! For those of you who think that the display back is stupid because you have to remove the watch from your wrist, I think this is the right watch for you! The bridge itself, like the case and beams, is made of 18kt rose gold and hand-finished with impeccable details, with a decorative curl in the center. When you wind the watch, you see the gear transmission rotating, or watch the balance wheel swing, this is to remember, this is from people who do not like hollow watches! My usual criticism of hollow watches is that the function of the watch is always second only to the visual effect of watching the movement, but this linear design is very charming, but it does not affect the watch.

The CO113 movement has a beat of 4hz / 28,800bph and has a moderate power reserve of 40 hours. After reviewing the Christopher Ward C1 Grand Malvern 5 Day Automatic, I would say that there would be some whips when adjusting to a shorter power reserve, but I found that I didn’t have much to complain about. This is not a watch designed for practical use, and although I will continue to complain about a “normal” watch with only 40 hours, it feels wrong when talking about Corum Golden Bridge. Would you complain that the new Bugatti does not have enough cup holders when it reaches 60 mph in less than 2 seconds?

Now, I will say frankly, I can’t afford this watch. Okay, okay… I can never afford this watch! It is almost impossible to “watch” such a watch, which is beyond my budget and the range of watches I usually wear. The Jinqiao rectangle is both an artwork and an artwork, and how does one measure the artwork from the perspective of “value for money”?

I don’t usually think of a status meter as a status symbol… but I would say that I can’t touch it when wearing a golden bridge (and at the same time walking into the doorknob very, very carefully). Wearing a pure gold watch that is more expensive than an ordinary family car, you may have some sw. I want to think I am a down-to-earth guy, so this is not a drastic that I am not used to, but I must admit that I do like it. If you can afford Corum, then I really suggest you to study Corum, because it is a unique watch, no matter what kind of watch education people receive, it will definitely attract people’s attention.

Corum-Golden Bridge Automatic Titanium

The latest interpretation of Corum Golden Bridge is the Golden Bridge automatic titanium case, which combines the iconic French baguette movement (here is a spectacular automatic version with a linear pendulum weight) and black DLC (diamond-like carbon) treated titanium Combined with metal case.

The tonneau-shaped case (37.20mm x 51.80mm) is dark, the red gold movement highlights the highlights, while the metalized sapphire dial is transparent. In fact, when the watch is not worn, the dial is transparent, but because the back of the sapphire crystal case has a special striped metal decoration, the dial becomes opaque on the wrist.

The golden hour markers on the sapphire dial accentuate the depth effect. Keep your hands open so as not to block the sight of beautiful sports.

Equipped with a platinum linear pendulum and a sliding spring mechanism, the CO313 movement has a beating frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour), and has a variable inertia balance to ensure long-term high precision.

The delicate barrel can provide 40 hours of power reserve and is designed to be consistent with the vertical structure of the 194-part movement. The red gold main board and bridge of the movement are decorated with delicate handmade vertical guilloches. replica swiss watches

The new Corum Golden Bridge automatic titanium strap, launched at the Baselworld in 2014, is equipped with a black alligator leather strap and a titanium pin buckle with a Corum key. It is water-resistant to 30 meters.