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The best of times: here and now.

2021: Current Series

The Patek Philippe catalog currently lists the Reference 5230 as the latest original World Time fake watch, available in white gold and rose gold. The hand-guilloché pattern in the center of the dial is particularly beautiful. At the same time, its case diameter is 38.5 mm, which is slightly smaller than its predecessor.

At first, this may seem like a big mark, but the detailed miniature world map and its colorful enamel nuances represent a special value in themselves. The same goes for the women’s Reference 7130 in white or rose gold, sporting a diamond bezel. All models are powered by the 240 HU movement.

It was the first minute repeater system to always tell the time – before this time, only the home time was reported by a similar watch. The automatic movement R 27 HU was developed specifically to achieve this milestone. The gongs on this model are not mounted on the plate, but are unusually mounted inside the case. Aesthetically, this 42mm model captivates the wearer with the cloisonné enamel in the center of the dial, depicting the Lavaux vineyards on the shores of Lake Geneva.

One timepiece still exists – a very special one considering the history of Patek Philippe World Time watches: the Reference 5930G, which combines a World Time mechanism and a chronograph, since its inception in 2016. As we’ve seen before: in 1940, the chronograph model 1415-1 HU was a one-of-a-kind creation at the request of a client. At the time it came in gold with a pulsometer scale and 33 place names on the bezel. Following the tradition of this precision watch, the 5930G was developed. It features a popular colour combination of a white gold case and blue dial, with a 30-minute chronograph at six o’clock, a 24-hour dial with a day/night indicator, and a plate with 24 place names on the edge of the dial . dial. For the first time, the Reference 5930G is equipped with the automatic movement CH 28-520 HU, a flyback chronograph based on a chronograph movement. fake patek philippe watches

Fans of the brand will know that even the best photos of the company’s timepieces can’t fully prove Patek Philippe’s unparalleled presence in reality. Taking the 5930G as an example, the guilloche structure in the center of the dial is fascinating, while the color matching of the white gold case, combined with the combination of blue, white, silver and black on the dial, creates something that exudes both perfection and passion.

Since its launch, this new model, firmly rooted in manufacturing history, has only been available in this version, as well as the Singapore version (ref. 5930G-011), limited to 300 pieces, with a red guilloche dial. This year, the Platinum Edition is a close second. The guilloche in the center of the dial of the 5930P-001 is green. As we all know, green is the new blue; the color of the moment. But just as the 5930G isn’t just another blue watch, the emerald-green glow of the platinum 5930’s fluctuating emerald green isn’t just about time, but has a wider appeal. In any case, the current desire for it is enormous. Especially since among the friends of the brand there is a “PPP” group – collectors of all Patek Philippe platinum products.

In addition to its long history and current color scheme, the 5930 also represents an up-to-date view of the world’s time zones as represented by Patek Philippe: cities such as Buenos Aires, La Paz, São Paulo and Brisbane, for example, on the time zone ring, Rio de Janeiro and Caracas are gone.

All in all, this reference is a delightful border crossing. Combining these two “Patek Philippe quintessential” – but at the same time very visually dominant – world time and chronograph complications to make them appear appealing is a task in itself. Not only is this solved very tastefully, but the watch is also very easy to read – especially for a 39.5mm model with so many different horological functions. Aesthetically, the World Time complication dominates the watch. The new green version of the Reference 5930 also features the 28-520 HU self-winding movement.

Patek Philippe’s World Time watches combine the elements that many lovers love: craftsmanship and tradition, innovation and creativity, and a spirit of adventure. Anyone who wears these watches and gazes ecstatically at the dial has a good reason to do so: after all, what’s happening around the world is something we’re all perpetually interested in. patek philippe replica calatrava