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Breitling fake is actively positioning itself as an inclusive and sustainable luxury brand. Throwing away the lure of million-dollar jet teams and equally expensive sponsorship deals with motorsport, golf, and more, Breitling has teamed up with esteemed triathlete heroes: Daniela Ryf, Jan Frodeno and Chris “Macca” McCormack, exclusively for For athletes and triathletes.

Their close collaboration resulted in the Endurance Pro, a lightweight sports watch powered by a highly precise “heat compensated” quartz movement with stopwatch and date functions. The slim, well-proportioned case is made of Breitlight, a lightweight polymer material from Breitling, ensuring maximum wearing comfort during all sports activities. A heavy piece of metal or a tall watch often ends up beating the wearer’s wrist — and its own precious appearance.

The durable and comfortable Endurance Pro is available in five sporty colors with a premium rubber strap: orange, yellow, red, blue and white. Our tip: Go for white as it goes with anything – just grab a second strap with a brighter colour and swap it out when you’re in a good mood.

Alan Wan lives, plays and repeats with the Breitling Endurance Pro

When the watch industry assigns a professional label to a watch, it is usually designed with professional occupations in mind; pilots, divers, scientists are among the best.

The watches, which can be intimidating in appearance, are designed to help the wearer provide accurate information that, in some cases, can be a matter of life or death. Breitling’s current line of professional watches – the Emergency and Aerospace EVO – are now joined by the Swiss watchmaker’s latest release, the Endurance Pro, with a different approach to design.

Given its youthful demeanor, Breitling’s 2020 launch under the Swiss watchmaker’s professional collection may surprise many.

Released in five eye-catching colors, the Endurance Pro marks Breitling’s foray into sports with a watch for athletes and recreational sports enthusiasts.

Known as the ultimate athleisure best fake watches, the Endurance Pro is designed for those who lead a sporty lifestyle with professionalism, and artist Alan Wan exemplifies it.

Whether it’s a tough workout or stylish everyday wear, Alan Wan can do both every day, and the Endurance Pro can handle both.

Breitling Endurance Pro collection with colored rubber strap.

Breitling’s proprietary lightweight Breitlight case material solves the usual weight issues associated with professional watches.

At 3.3 and 5.8 times lighter than titanium and stainless steel, respectively, the 44mm Endurance Pro features a lightweight wrist and backing that is incredibly scratch and corrosion resistant that athletes will love.

At the heart of the watch is the COSC-certified Breitling Calibre 82, which offers exceptional accuracy and precision.

The thermally compensated SuperQuartz chronograph movement is not only stronger than a mechanical movement, but also 10 times more accurate than a traditional quartz movement.

Workout sessions or lap timings can be tracked with a chronograph in milliseconds and allow for split lap measurements.

The pulsometer scale set on the watch flange allows athletes to measure their heart rate when used with the chronograph.

The Breitling Endurance Pro features a yellow inner bezel and a green Outerknown ECONYL yarn NATO strap.

The Endurance Pro is waterproof to 100m and can handle almost any kind of sports, even outdoor adventures. best replica watch site

The included Diver Pro rubber strap provides comfort in wet or dry conditions, while Breitling’s Outerknown ECONYL yarn NATO strap is available separately to make things even more interesting.