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Jaeger-LeCoultre presents three new universe-inspired Grand Complications at Watches & Wonders

La Grande Maison presents three new models that are sure to become the stars of the show: the Master Grande Tradition Calibre 948, the Master Hybris Artistica Calibre 945 and the Polaris Perpetual Calendar.

From Polynesian wayfinding, developed thousands of years ago, to navigators navigating the vast and unknown oceans in the age of sailing, the knowledge of the stars has always been associated with travel.

Not just celestial roadmaps, but all time measurements have their origins in astronomy. At this year’s Watches & Wonder s, the “Grande Maison” Jaeger-LeCoultre took the study of the sky as its theme, calling its 2022 timepiece “The Stellar Odyssey”.

Let’s take a look at three astronomical phenomena that the brand has recently launched.

Master Grande Tradition Calibre 948
This week at Watches & Wonders in Geneva, Jaeger-LeCoultre unveiled the Master Grande Tradition Calibre 948, marking the first time a world time complication has been combined with a flying tourbillon.

The dial reflects the complexity of this internal mechanism. In the center is a map of the world seen from the North Pole. Instead of using the traditional flat globe imagery, this dome map hovers above the dial and completes a full 360-degree rotation every 24 hours along with the universal tourbillon and city ring to show the correct time for each area.

Despite all this information, the Master Grande Tradition Calibre 948 is still easy to read, with the hours indicated on the ring adjacent to the city ring. And it’s simple to operate—on arrival at a new destination, the local time is set by the crown, which automatically synchronizes all time zones around the world within an hour.

The Master Grande Tradition’s 43mm x 14.13mm white gold case is limited to 20 pieces and consists of more than 80 parts, creating a dynamic silhouette with a convex bezel, wide bevels on the lugs and skeletonized lug sides. Contrasting micro-blasted, polished and satin-brushed surfaces create a captivating light effect. It features an alligator leather strap with a deployant clasp.

Master Hybris Artistica Calibre 945 Galaxia and Atomium
With its expertise in celestial complications, Jaeger-LeCoultre has reinterpreted its Grande Complication Calibre 945 with two new additions: the Rose Gold Master Hybris Artistica Calibre 945 Galaxia and the White Gold Master Hybris Artistica Calibre 945 Atomium. Both are limited to five pieces.

The focus of both watches is sidereal time – a measurement used by astronomers to track the apparent movements of constellations in the night sky. A sidereal day lasts exactly 23 hours 56 minutes 4.1 seconds and is defined by the Earth’s rotational rate measured relative to a fixed time. In contrast, the 24-hour solar day is measured by the Earth’s orbit around the sun.

Not only do these gorgeous pieces celebrate the scientific study of the stars, they also offer a philosophical perspective by demonstrating Jaeger-LeCoultre’s mastery of the craft of decoration. For example, the movement of the Master Hybris Artistica Calibre 945 (which debuted in 2010) includes a star map with a celestial dome, a zodiac calendar, a minute repeater, and a Jaeger-LeCoultre Cosmotourbillon hand-decorated by artisans at Métiers Rares.

Since these extraordinary 45mm x 16.05mm watches are also minute repeaters, a natural voice sings the time. We don’t have to tell you how difficult it is to perform this complex function. But it was a rewarding pursuit, and Jaeger-LeCoultre patented several innovations, including a crystal gong, a sling and a silent governor.

Polaris Perpetual Calendar
The perpetual calendar is the answer to a question astronomers have been asking since ancient times: “How do we measure time when there is an anomaly between the way we measure civil time and celestial phenomena?” For example, a 365-day calendar year is almost as long as a sun Years are six hours short; that’s why we have leap years.

Therefore, we are delighted to see Jaeger-LeCoultre finally introduce a perpetual calendar in the Polaris collection.

The Polaris Perpetual Calendar elegantly displays the correct date as a rugged everyday watch. Internally, the Calibre 868AA – a new version of the QP movement that first appeared in 2013 – automatically adjusts for these differences, requiring no manual correction until 2100. Furthermore, using the latest production technology, the Calibre 868AA allows a retrograde display of the moon phases as seen from the southern hemisphere.

The gradient dark blue lacquered dial evokes the transition from day to night. Meanwhile, three recessed textured sub-dials display the date, month and day-of-week calendar indications. The fourth sub-dial shows the phases of the moon, and the aforementioned retrograde display for the southern hemisphere constitutes a classic demonstration of the northern hemisphere.

Another useful feature is the small safe area indicator in the center of the dial. This window displays red to warn users not to adjust time or calendar indications between 20:00 and 04:00.

Both models measure 42mm. The stainless steel version comes with a three-link stainless steel bracelet and textured rubber strap, while the rose gold version has a sporty blue rubber strap and a more formal alligator strap with a folding clasp. To further adapt to the changing seasons, the Polaris Perpetual Calendar features a newly developed system of interchangeable straps that can be personalised from a range of coloured calfskin options. cheap luxury watch