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Code 11.59 by Audemars Piguet gold and ceramic automatic chronograph

The Associated Press is determined to continue the tradition of Code 11.59, doubled its investment in the series, and launched two new styles that continue to promote its aesthetic characteristics. Has Code 11.59 finally started to win some applause? Let us find out!

Difficult crowd
Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 was released in 2019 and did not receive a warm welcome when it debuted. Although there are some problems with the design of this series, the review of Code 11.59 goes far beyond the due review. The original Code 11.59 series contained 13 reference materials, from the time-only model to a series of minute repeaters with various designs, colors and materials-this is an impressive feat of the new series. But, like the phoenix in the ashes, it is safe to say that Code 11.59 is on the rise and is passing initial criticism and becoming a mainstream model.

Since its early days, Code 11.59 had to endure some growing pains. Although I admit that I do not completely like some early models, I do feel that most of the criticism surrounding Code 11.59 is unfounded, and our current watches have come a long way compared to earlier models. Of course, it has its problems, but the Associated Press has a clear goal for Code 11.59-they are creating a new watch with their own identity, and it has always been designed to be a work in progress. Personally, I think the new Code 11.59s, not just the latest two variants, is already quite powerful. And, based on sales, I bet the Associated Press tends to agree.

No one has ever succumbed to negative acceptance, and the Associated Press has proven that they will stick to code 11.59 like the Royal Oak in 1972. Kind of like the current code 11.59, the Royal Oak was ridiculed and considered a lady. AP has relentlessly developed the Code 11.59 series by adding more complex functions, experimenting with new dial designs, and experimenting with new material combinations. Love it or hate it, you must admit that the Code 11.59 series has come a long way since its early days and is gradually becoming a good series.

New products in 2021
After the turbulent 2020, it is great to know that the novelty we have been waiting for will be released when we expect it. Given that the current situation has already existed, brand owners have carefully considered the roadmap for 2021 and made it resistant to epidemics, so to speak. Like most years, the novelty of the Associated Press is amazing. A series of brand-new green dials, brand-new Royal Oak Offshore Diver series, etc., is really a treat. However, in order to prevent us from forgetting why we are here, two new Code 11.59 automatic winding chronographs.

Increasing codes 11.59
As the Code 11.59 series has accumulated over the past few years, its true potential has also grown. These two latest models, together with other models in the series, add new elements to the series. Although the mechanism is not new and the dial is not brand new, the latest two Code 11.59 adds new case materials to the series. Both variants use 18kt white gold or rose gold cases, the middle case is the magic-they are made of ceramic. As the series grows older, its design value seems to grow accordingly. Personally, I think these two newly added content are well established on the basis of Code 11.59. Do whatever you want; I think these two models are very attractive.

New case
The 41mm housing of Code 11.59 is often touted as the most complex housing design in AP’s history. With its ultra-thin bezel, double-curved sapphire crystal and hollow lugs, the complexity of the three-piece structure of the case may no longer exist. As a way to get people to pay attention to it again, the Associated Press introduced a black ceramic middle shell for the platinum and rose gold models of the new Code 11.59.

The middle case of Code 11.59 was created in cooperation with Bangerter. Bangerter is a manufacturer known for using high-grade ceramic precision parts. Its middle case is made of the best tungsten carbide in the industry and a large number of other super tough materials. become. The process starts with zirconia powder, which is combined with a binder to form a blank. The blank is then processed and given a rough shape before removing the binder. After a period of time in a fairly hot oven, the components are then hard-machined with high-precision diamond tools before satin-finishing, and the polished surface is finished by hand to make the finished product, as we have seen in these two Review replica watches.

The ceramic and gold parts of the Code 11.59 watch case are the same as those of the two models. Both use the AP trademark to alternate between satin-finished and polished chamfers.

To complete the details expected by a brand like AP, it must be said that it is a feat to complete two completely different materials coexisting with each other with the same standard, not something we should ignore. The result of the two new Code 11.59 cases is that their cases provide as much visual appeal as their incredible dials.

New dial
Another design element that AP decided to maintain consistency between the two models was their dials. The 18kt rose gold (ref. 26393NR.OO.A002CA.01) and white gold (26393NB.OO.A002CA.01) both use the same dark gray smoked dial. These dials use a vertical satin polished base to match the satin brushing on the case and provide a sunburst aesthetic to the dial. The dark black chronograph subdial and inner bezel provide further visual depth to the dial, and the watch-specific dial furniture provides a tangible connection between the dial and the case. The 18kt rose gold watch uses 18kt rose gold hands, hour markers, numerals and the periphery of the subdial, while the 18kt white gold watch uses the same material and is made of only white gold.

The two completely constant elements of these two references are their internal movement and the straps used to secure them to the wrist. The strap is a black textile strap with a rubber coating and a precious metal pin buckle matching the case. It is very common in this series, and I think these straps can be improved. They are not very suitable for precious metals, so I will replace them with black alligator straps, but this is just my idea.

In addition to the straps, these two models are equipped with a homemade 4401 movement carefully crafted by the Associated Press, and each model is proudly displayed behind the back cover of the exhibition. Equipped with an integrated automatic flyback chronograph, column wheel, vertical clutch and 70-hour power reserve, AP has an incredible movement that will lay a solid foundation for future expansion.

Although it is easy for me to base my views on the new Code 11.59 on relatively minor design issues, such as their weak pointers and indexes, and rather strange fonts, I think it would be lazy. Of course, these are well-documented problems, and I do think they need to be resolved, but they will not ruin my watch. To be honest, I think both watches are great. The case design is spectacular, the surface treatment is outstanding, the movement is technically impressive, and the dial is amazing.

Although I do think that what I mentioned earlier can be improved, no watch is perfect. These two watches make Code 11.59 stand out from this incredible batch of AP novelties. Will these models be sold out and require a waiting list? Probably not, but I do think they are helping the community to accept Code 11.59 more and more. As a fan of AP, I think this can only be a good thing. It is not common for brands like AP to release new series, so adjustments are always needed. Considering where Code 11.59 started and how it turned out, the Associated Press did a great job if you ask me.

Watch name: Code 11.59 by Audemars Piguet gold and ceramic automatic chronograph
Reference number: Platinum 26393NB.OO.A002KB.01 / Rose gold 26393NR.OO.A002KB.01

Case size: 41 mm
Thickness: 12.6 mm
Material: black ceramic case, 18-carat white or rose gold bezel, lugs and back cover
Crystal: Hyperboloid sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 30 meters

Movement: Calibre 4401
Functions: Flyback chronograph, hour, minute, small second and date winding
: Automatic winding
Frequency: 4 hz 28800 vph
Power reserve: 70 h
Strap: Black rubber coated strap with 18-carat white or rose gold pin buckle