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HYT FLOW-a unique fusion of mechanical watchmaking, liquid display and LED lighting

HYT luxury launched a new FLOW-a unique combination of traditional watchmaking technology and liquid crystal display system, with its own light.

High Flow

Inspired. Dynamic. Technical.
It’s nice to know where the light comes from; it’s better to know where it leads. In the bold and dynamic FLOW timepiece, HYT brings mechanical watchmaking technology into a new era of enlightenment. Mechanical technology replaces electronic products as an unexpected lighting catalyst, with proprietary new complex functions that generate light on demand. The resulting light uses the brilliance of its technological origin to reflect the vitality of the current era.

Have light
HYT’s FLOW watch reflects the brand’s relentless pursuit of innovation that resonates with its contemporary environment. Literally, light illuminates what already exists; figuratively speaking, it brings a deeper understanding. The latter describes the use of these timepieces in the field of watchmaking. They are about the possibilities that arise when the performance enters a new field. Depending on the version, a specially developed micro-generator triggered by a pusher stores and dissipates energy to activate 8 or 13 carefully positioned LEDs. These then obviously spread the light evenly on the dial, imitating natural waves. One element after another, lighting reveals the various “stories” that make up the work’s ability to tell time, and will never let us forget the unstoppable flow of time.

The two variants of the FLOW theme are both limited editions, playing very different games with the emitted light.

The first is to solve the execution of the infinite concept through the precise conical vortex shape. Here, imagination is invited to imagine a rotating, apparently endless flow to the bellows, because the side holes welcome the light from 8 LEDs. The infinite infinity fits the attention to the inevitable shortness of time.

In the second part, a dome composed of 73 rectangular-cut 1.7-carat diamonds will dance spectacularly with the rhythm of the 13 LEDs below it. Just as the flow of time is constant, this unique watch light show is a continuous and dynamic theater of change that combines jewelry and light through dynamic reflection and refraction. Innovation meets beauty, and it truly dances at night. high quality fake watches

In HYT FLOW, the role of opposites is far more than attracting—they form a rich source of design energy. The apparently contradictory combination of liquid and electric light sets the scene; the bold asymmetrical shape of the 51mm case and the bright color choices highlight this. A visual wave swept across it, reminding that the power of stopping time is never an option. This thoughtful curve attracts people to explore new perspectives on time, which is an important element of modern life.

A circle of Super-LumiNova® luminous material records the opposite of day and night. The polished decoration on the round brushed case highlights specific elements such as the angle of the bezel. This is an appropriate introduction to the 3D features of a gray dial with a creamy finish. In a descriptive dictionary, “metal” and “velvet” are comfortably juxtaposed. Complex electro-erosion adds a further feature to the theme of tension by physically cutting metal strips using electric current to obtain the illusion of waves. The high-energy appearance of the dial’s background contrasts sharply with the calmer, more minimalist time indication. When the eyes peek from behind the waves to glimpse the interesting mechanical devices below, the uneven surfaces tease each other.

Is the flow time. 24/7.

HYT uses its proprietary and unique liquid technology to innovate, using liquid in a capillary tube to display the passage of hours, combined with more traditional minutes, seconds and power reserve indicators. Although HYT did not state this in the documents we received, this movement is the first HYT H1, which was developed in cooperation with Jean-Francois Mojon of Chronode. H1 is the movement of the watch launched by HYT.

This is not the first time that LED lighting has been used in HYT, but it is still a very innovative concept that we have never seen anywhere else. The first time we saw it was in Alinghi H4 and H4 Metropolis, they first proposed the concept of using their own set of 2 LED lights powered by a micro-generator. HYT’s solution was to create this LED lighting system instead of creating a fluid that can glow in the dark, allowing the hours to be read in the absence of light.

The case with a large dome crystal is also largely based on H0 with H1 movement and later H2O with a higher specification H2 movement. It reveals more movements, allowing passage through the transparent dome top Minutes show the crystal on the side of the case.