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Histoire De Tourbillon 6 by Harry Winston

Like its predecessors, Histoire de Tourbillon 6 is clearly a traditional watch. The magnificent works may not see the most wrist time. However, this did not make them less grandiose. This watch basically consists of two separate parts. They are geometrically identifiable as circles and squares. Like other parts of the Histoire de Tourbillon series, each part of Histoire de Tourbillon 6 explores and develops the concept of a tourbillon.

The sphere on the left side of the case is part of the three-axis tourbillon, which means that three different rotations are combined into one. The second cage of the balance wheel cage rotates every 45 seconds, wherein the inside of its own vertical axis is rotated every 75 seconds. This pair is located in the third spherical cage that rotates every 300 seconds. Who remembers prime factorization? [45 = 3 2 × 5 1] [75 = 3 1 × 5 2] [300 = 2 2 × 3 1 × 5 2 ], we get 2 2 × 3 2 × 5 2 = 900 seconds (or 15 minutes). The balance wheel takes so long to complete its rotation, which is a bit clever. Complete four spins in one hour, less than 100 times a day!

On the right at 1 o’clock is the karussel (carousel). For those unfamiliar, the similarity between Carrousel and Tourbillon is that they both aim to counteract the effects of gravity by rotating the balance wheel and escapement. The main difference between the two is that Carrousel is turned with the help of another gear, while the tourbillon is independent. Histoire de Tourbillon karussel spins at a speed of 30 seconds. Below it, the second chronograph function of hours and minutes can be independently set by the crown (second crown-note that there are two). pre owned watches

The interesting mechanism of the second time zone is to interact via the button at 2 o’clock. Once activated, the button resets the hands to zero, so it can be used as a 12-hour chronograph. This is an interesting concept that can be used to time long periods of participation.

The case is 55mm x 49mm 18k white gold titanium with high palladium content. Similarly, we realized that its size is not suitable for ordinary cuffs. The completion was in line with Harry Winston’s expectations. Round brushed sphere, polished side of wine barrel. The back of the display shows a PVD titanium bridge with sandblasted treatment, enclosing a double coaxial barrel. The HW4701 hand-manufactured movement contains 683 components and beats each balance wheel at a frequency of 3 Hz (21,600 vph). The tourbillon has a power reserve of 80 hours and the Carrousel has a power reserve of 70 hours.

Histoire de Tourbillon 6 by fake Harry Winston is an important successor to a series of Histoire de Tourbillon exhibits.