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Tudor launches Pelagos FXD “Marine Nationale” A true military diver’s watch.

Earlier this year, Tudor resumed its association with the French National Marine Corps, which was some 20 years after it last provided military-spec submarines to naval divers.

Now, the brand has finally announced a two-year project, Pelagos FXD “Marine Nationale”. Pelagos FXD was developed in collaboration with members of the Navy’s elite combat diver, Commando Hubert. It is a true military watch, the same watch that the unit’s divers wear during combat, with a fixed stem and serious aesthetics.

Pelagos FXD, like the Submariner ref, is a solo time diver. 9401/0 “MN” issued to divers in the French Navy in the 1970s

A few months ago, images of Commando Hubert’s graduation ceremony, showing the watch, surfaced online. Therefore, Pelagos FXD was expected, but still unexpected. Obviously, this is a nod to the referee. The 9401/0 “MN” from the 1970s, nicknamed “Snowflake” because of its hands and dial, is as similar to the retro Submariner as modern Tudor watches. But it still has an added appeal for military watch lovers.

The fabric strap has a velcro closure, so it can be adjusted more precisely to any wrist size.

Most striking are the lugs, which are a reinterpretation of the fastening straps of the old military diver’s watch. They are integrated with the case to strengthen the connection between the case and the strap. For people who are not combat divers, it is of course over-designed, but it is a real item that is not decorative or artificial.

In fact, it can be said that the fixed lugs place the Pelagos FXD and the strange P01 in the same category; both are “tool” watches, obviously targeting a niche audience, although the Pelagos FXD is the only legitimate military watch.

A line of text is missing at six o’clock because the dial does not have the “AUTOMATIC ROTOR” on the standard Pelagos.

Another important detail is the omission of the date, which is the first time for Pelagos since its debut in 2012. The bezel is new, a bidirectional countdown bezel, slightly wider than usual; This is an important tool for combat divers to navigate underwater.

Due to the omission of the date, the Pelagos FXD is 1.5mm thinner than the standard model, giving it a surprisingly flat profile on the wrist, making it a true “tool” watch.

FXD on rubber strap with traditional buckle

Can Pelagos FXD improve? Maybe, but not much. It has a water resistance of 200m, enough for combat divers – the old Submariner “MN” has the same rating – but is less than the standard 500m Pelagos. At the same time, it is not METAS certified like the Black Bay Ceramic launched a few months ago.

Pelagos FXD is priced at US $ 3,900, which is more competitive than all Tudor watches. In fact, it’s one of the brand’s highest-spec watches, making it one of Tudor’s most eye-catching products.

National Ocean
Almost since Tudor began making diver’s watches, Tudor began supplying watches to the French Navy. In fact, this relationship began in 1954, just one year after Rolex launched the Submariner, when it provided a reference for the Navy. 7922, the brand’s first diver’s watch.

But the typical Tudor military trouble diver is definitely a Submariner reference. 9401/0 “MN” 20 years later. It is essential that the reference. Some features of the 9401/0 distinguish it from the Rolex diver’s watch, making it a unique Tudor product. The most obvious is the blue dial and bezel, but the “snowflake” hands and square markings are its iconic features.

As the iconic diver’s watch of the French Navy, the ref. 9401/0 “MN” is the inspiration for Pelagos FXD.

referee. 9401/0 “MN” commonly known as “snowflake”

One of the most important details inspired by history is the engraving on the back of the case, which is unusual for the modern Tudor dynasty, which generally has a simple back.

The Marine National logo is engraved on the back, as well as “MN21”, the abbreviation for “Marine Nationale” and the year of production. This is a reference to the French Navy numbering convention on vintage Tudor “MN” watches.

Tudor Pelagos FXD
Ref.M25707B / 21-0001

Diameter: 42mm
Height: 12.75 mm
Material: titanium case, steel back cover
Crystal: Sapphire
Waterproof performance: 200 meters.

Movement: MT5602
Functions: hours, minutes and seconds
Winding: automatic
Frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz)
Power reserve: 70 hours

Strap: Velcro fabric strap and extra rubber strap