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Only it can make me “unforgettable”

In our impression, camouflage is to camouflage and conceal oneself, so that the enemy can not find themselves, while dazzling camouflage does the opposite. It exists to attract attention. Ulysse Nardin has applied the special pattern of dazzling camouflage to the FreakX watch, creating the dazzling FreakX dazzling camouflage watch.

The “dazzling camouflage” originated from the two world wars. During the First World War, the British warships took the lead in adopting the “dazzling camouflage”. Inspired by the animal kingdom, it is also called “zebra painting”. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, the role of “dazzling camouflage” in military design has gradually been weakened, but it is often seen in daily decorations and artworks.

The black and white checkered pattern is decorated on the movement splint on the front of the FreakX dazzling camouflage watch, which seems to have been endowed with hypnotic charm. Such a unique pattern realizes the subtleties between decorative art and precision techniques, revealing and hiding. balance.

In order to present a better visual effect, replica Ulysse Nardin carefully adopted three dial polishing and decoration techniques, including lacquer decoration, electroplating and laser engraving, which can better reflect the grasp of the details of Ulysse Nardin.

In the fast-developing era of the 21st century, innovation is extremely important. How to break the boundaries of traditional watchmaking to create a new watchmaking aesthetic? The Athens watch gave the answer, which is the Freak series. This subverted traditional watch was released in 2001. The design of “no dial”, “no crown”, and “no pointer” is its biggest selling point. The FreakX watch is a more compact and more affordable watch created by Ulysse Nardin on the basis of the original whimsical watch.

The FreakX watch has returned to the crown design. In addition, we can see that the FreakX dazzling camouflage watch in the picture is equipped with a black DLC-coated titanium case. The titanium material is lightweight and can reduce the burden on the wrist.

The FreakX watch removes the dial and directly uses the movement splint decorated with “dazzling camouflage” to serve as the dial function, and the flying carrousel strip movement acts as a pointer to indicate the time. The upper movement bridge can display the minutes, and then driven by the gears, the lower dial is used to indicate the hours.

The movement has an ultra-wide and ultra-light silicon balance wheel with a nickel flyweight and stable micro-sheets. We can see the fast-rotating balance wheel from the front of the watch.

The hour markers and the end of the movement bridge plate are covered with Superluminova luminous coating, which does not affect the time reading even in dark light conditions.

The UN-230 movement integrates the dual advantages of the brand-made UN-118 movement and the FreakVision’s UN-250 movement. The modification of the movement is very important for the Freak’s fantasy series. The return to the crown design is precisely because The influence of the movement. When the UN-230 movement is fully wound, it can provide a 72-hour power reserve for the watch.

The watch is paired with a black hollow rubber-coated leather strap or a white hollow calfskin strap. This time we got a black strap.

Today, the Freak Fantasy series has become the iconic model of fake Ulysse Nardin. When we talk about it, we can quickly think of words such as avant-garde, bold, and subversive; as the “Titan” in the Freak Fantasy series, the FreakX watch Not only did these words follow through to the end, but they also created the concept of “unknown X”. The unknown has unlimited possibilities.