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One of the most impressive things I wore on my wrist at Baselworld 2015 was the finished Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon watch (and the diamond-encrusted Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette). When I stared at the mechanical planetary system wrapped in the huge sapphire crystal on my wrist, a very real and very bright smile appeared on my face. According to some people, it didn’t even have any business because it was too exaggerated. This is a crazy watch, this is Jacob & Co.’s best performance-I think this watch and jewelry company is more worthy of attention than watch lovers. Over the years, I have written many articles about Jacob Arable and his controversial life and company. Let’s face it, his job is to dazzle the rich and famous all over the world. This is a difficult task,

During my time as a luxury watch writer/blogger/reviewer/anyone, I have learned a lot of things, one of which is that the world of the rich is very different from the world of the not-so-rich. Classism is It exists and it is true. When everyone goes to the toilet and puts their pants on one leg at a time, rich people just have a different set of problems and considerations in their lives. Well, that’s it, let’s return to the dazzling Mr. Arabo and some watches that I don’t think people in his world know much about.

If you try to measure the “points” of Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon, such as the relationship with a diving tool watch, it is like trying to compare a sturdy cabin with a magnificent villa on the beach. Yes, both are technical structures. The first one may be more meaningful, but the latter is about social positioning and the ability to reward oneself. You see, no matter how rich you are, there will always be something you need to save and afford.

Jacob & Co. is a brand whose top products are the holy grail for those who can buy but still need to consider a million-dollar watch. To put it another way, the royal family wears crowns and lives in the castle to convey something about themselves—things about their power, prestige, and status in life. Doing so will make those who do not have crowns and castles feel uneasy, but those people will still notice those who are rich.

Diamonds and highly complex watches can be used as wearable power transmission tools. In the final analysis, this is the meaning of status and social symbols. First, it’s about attracting a spouse, and then, it’s about telling people around you that you have some power or privileges over them, and they don’t. We all want power, and we are all annoyed by those who have power (especially when we feel they are not worthy of power). Whether you like it or hate it, Jacob & Co. watches are all about Mr. Arabo’s genius design, which conveys this very well. After all, this is the person who just launched a watch called Billionaire Tourbillon.

You can think of the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon as a neat little machine, but when you wear it on your wrist with a 2-inch high sapphire and 18k gold rod dome on it, you really are Tell people something about yourself. Hope, I think, the attention you are collecting is positive, right? Now, allow me to take a few steps and remind you that there are both exquisite and vulgar ways of displaying diamonds. This is the nuance of diamond watch reviews, I think only a few people can fully understand, those who, in strange circumstances, hand over extremely expensive diamond classifications to them and ask their opinions-and then be able to compare these experiences time and time again. Jacob & Co. is unique because they are able to “too much,

Jacob & Co. has a long history of cooperation with the Swiss movement manufacturer Concepto, but this is another company they have cooperated with to produce Astronomia movements. For this series, Jacob & Co. cooperated with Studio7h38 of Switzerland, which is responsible for the mechanical movement of Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon with a wild appearance inside. On closer inspection, this mechanism is impressive, but it is not as complete as Gaopefus. Well, nothing is really done, so this is not a fair comparison. The movement is a tiny industrial mechanical mechanism, and I don’t even know how to describe its complexity. Let’s start with the three-axis tourbillon that exists as one of the four arms of the movement.

Please note that what you see in the case cavity of Jacob & Co. Astronomia is the entire JCEM01 hand-wound movement, the planetary structure is actually located on the main barrel. It is actually an engine barrel, designed according to some systems of American historical pocket watches. The four arms are connected by a special differential system, which completely rotates around the dial every 20 minutes. That is the first axis of the tourbillon.

The tourbillon system itself has two other pivot points, which rotate once every 60 seconds, and then rotate in different directions every 5 minutes. Opposite the tourbillon is the timetable disc, which is very cool because it points upright wherever it rotates around the dial. I just like that. Then there is the arm with a tiny hand-painted titanium sphere. On the opposite side is a “Jacob cut” diamond, which uses Jacob & Co.’s unique registration process to give the diamond a spherical case and 288 facets. The globe and the diamond disco ball rotate once every 60 seconds.

What is the point of all these rotations and movements? Of course, acting as a “hypnotic choreographer”; all this is related to (and effective) visual brilliance. So like I said, if you think too deeply about Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon, you will keep asking “why?” It’s not about why, it’s just because it’s cool and because they can. When you are a customer of Jacob & Co., you don’t want to hear about a fully functional planetarium and mathematical equations-you want to be dazzled, entertained and remind you that you are special. Anyone wearing the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon is “special.”

The Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon case is 50 mm wide and 25 mm thick. It is made of 18k rose gold and covered with a very beautiful AR-coated sapphire crystal. Although not everyone may “get” Jacob & Co. Astronomia, you can see that the design has been carefully planned. To operate or wind the watch, there are two folded “keys” on the back cover. As big as Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon, it is very comfortable to wear on the wrist. That is, until you accidentally hit it on a wall or table. replica watches Price

If you are a watch lover, it is fun to play with Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon and even Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette. I mean, after all, it should be fun. Jacob Arabo’s reputation may be interesting, but being very good to his customers is also part of it. When he promises something that amazes them, that’s what will happen.

In all this, what I’m trying to do is to help explain the recognized strange world of brands like Jacob & Co.—and the strange world of watches such as Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon and Jacob & Co.. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette, adds 16 carats of invisible inlaid baguette-cut diamonds. For ordinary people, showing off wealth is offensive, and this may be for good reason, because it is actually saying “I am better than you”. But imagine a world where everyone can afford these things, instead of making their peers jealous because of the price of their items, they just want to impress people visually. The “face-to-face” element of luxury goods will never disappear. Of course I am a fan of the democratization of luxury goods. According to this,

The watch is equipped with the Jacob & Co. movement JCCAA03 composed of 528 parts. The tourbillon assembly consists of 68 parts, and the distinctive second time zone display consists of 163 parts. The balance fails at a rate of 28,800 times per hour, and exercise provides a healthy power reserve of 48 hours. As expected, the movement is decorated with the fine watch decorations you would expect from Jacob & Co., such as chamfered bridges, polished gemstone countertops, and sandblasting. The new Jacob & Co.. Epic SF24 Flying Tourbillon may offer three variants. We all have 18k rose gold examples, but the most expensive version is Jacob & Co.. For many others who like something more independent, Jacob & Co.. Epic SF24 Flying Tourbillon is also available in two regular styles, without gorgeous diamonds. Another difference is dialing. Although both have anthracite opal dials-among them, the dial may be finished in a honeycomb pattern; the other will be decorated with the names of important cities around the world.